sobota, 18 lutego 2012

R.I.P. Whitney.

"Crackwhore is dead" I've read somewhere in comments under the news about Whitney Houston's death. "No one told her to take drugs, she killed herself" sounded the other. Seriously? That is all you have to say after passing one of the most amazing voices in pop music? Well, so you're a trash. Because of Whitney we have Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion - all these pop stars you watching half naked on the scene as they have to shine with tits and ass to cover the voice that is not enough to impress. Whitney never had to undress to impress. She could stand in a long, black dress, but when she was starting singing all eyes were looking at her. I've never seen Rihanna or some other second-class music product getting standing ovation after the performance. And that will probably never happen.

All my life I've been Whitney's fan. I remember when she recorded "When you believe" with Mariah - I watched the videos from the live performances and was so impressed of Whitney singing so natural while Mariah was almost jumping and gesticulating like crazy when she wanted to hit the highest notes. Always were #teamWHITNEY.

Because of Whitney my jeans obsession started because of her. I don't remember how old I was, but I remember seeing the video "I'm your baby tonight" and begging my Mum to buy me jeans and a leather jacket. And I got them! Yeah, I was one of these children who was dressing up and performing in front of the mirror, or better in front of the whole family and strangers that were coming to see my father who's a doctor. I guess that's why I love being in the center of attention.

Because of that "crackwhore" my childhood was beautiful. Because of her songs I started believing in a real love. Is there any person in the world that don't know Whitney's version of "I will always love you"? I don't think so. Even that her voice sounded different in the end, that she destroyed it with alcohol and drugs she still was the most talented singer that was born. She will never sing again. These days from my childhood will never come, but in my memory she was my biggest idol, just next to Michael Jackson. I do believe that talents like that will never happen again to pop music. And yes, I am gonna miss you Whitney.

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