piątek, 23 września 2011

Mr & Mr Hart & their Gigolo.

You may be asking yourself a question what a person with such an obese body is doing at the party full of hot guys with bodies to die for - well, the answer is kinda simple - I am jerking off in my mind and having an eye-orgasm.

London is full of parties on Thursday night. Not to mention: Your Mum's House at Punk, XXTRA at Shadow Lounge or Room Service. All of the clubs are full of good vibes and amazing people. I could divide them into two different looks - dress code for YMH & XXTRA? The more fashionable, the better. Dress code for Room Service? The less the better. What about Gigolo that is going out for hunting on Thursday as well? Well, I'd say "I wanna see your muscles everybody says they're nice, can I come and visit I'll be at your house tonite, they tell me they're hard and really smooth I can't hardly wait to touch that muscles too". The whole party takes the place at Lo-Profile in Soho and from the beginning you know it's all about sexy masculinity (Here's the wink at Constantinos with the guestlist at the door and divalicious Louis Parsons who could teach Cher and other ladies how to dress to impress). What's inside? Well basically one of the most beautiful gays you can imagine dancing to great house music. It's like going to a candy shop. You're wet at the very beginning, so the best solution is to take the clothes off and get more sweaty. But to experience that - you need to get your fucking ass to 84-86 Wardour Street on Thursday and check that by yourself. You may bump onto your favourite porn star (happened to me and I was collecting my jaw from the floor). You may check the backroom for some xtra adult fun where you can see undressed males posing to hot photos. You may even be suprised by your dear handsome friend who will show you his dick in the middle of the club saying: I wanked too hard, now my dick is blue. Have you ever seen a dick that became a Smurf? I had. But that's what I like about the party - it's like Christmas - suprises every week.

After few times there I started thinking about gym membership. After more times I started feeling sorry for poor straight gurls, cause it seems like all the best guys are gays. If I were a girl I'd never go to Gigolo. I swear, I'd kill myself right after the first visit or started thinking of a gender change. And I am not writing this because I wanna lick someone's ass. Everyone knows I am not a fan of rimming, but of course licking asses of Mr & Mr Hart who are throwing the party would be a guilty pleasure.

What about Mr & Mr Hart? Married. Handsome. You know, that kind of a dream boys you hate for being so perfect. Like a gay version of Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt minus the brats. I've never ever seen more sexy gay couple in my whole life. But there's something I love about them the most - photos. Check the site http://shootmeup.co.uk/ and tell me - didn't you feel horny or hungry for some hot stud? I've already said it once, I will say it again - when I am in front of David's camera - God, forgive me, I have so many dirty thoughts that if someone knew them, I'd be in prison. Forever. It's my private minute of ultimate happiness. I am very happy he's taking only face photos when it comes to me, so no one can see I am all wet down there. When I saw my first photo ever taken in Gigolo I was suprised like fat Christina Aguilera in new Maroon 5's video: Shit, how possible I can look so damn good? Photoshop? Magic? Or maybe everything taken together? Hell knows and I don't wanna know. Because you don't need to understand why a pleasure is a pleasure, you just need to experience it and get a shower later.

I am defo a fan of the party. I am a fan of the atmosphere there. And I like to wear my slutty short shorts and like Kylie just spin around with one of the COCK-tails from the bar.

You wanna play with Gigolo all the time, not to play with him is a fucking crime.

For table or event bookings contact : gigolodisco@hotmail.com

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  1. Oh, nobody reads your blog. How sad! But keep going!

  2. Well actually it's just a collection of my published text so I really don't mind that there are no comments - the amount of views is good enough. But keep being the hater, I love them. XXX