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Roxanne, you don't have to sell your body to the night - interview with Kennedy Carter.

We are all selling our bodies. The whole fashion industry is about buying. Designers are buying the models, customers are buying the products that the models are advertising. Can you imagine a product without its "face" nowadays? I can't. I can't imagine a success of Calvin Klein's jeans without young Brooke Shields and "Nothing between her and her Calvins" as much as I can't imagine the global success of his underwear line or parfumes line without adorable, teenage Kate Moss named "heroin chic" after. I can't imagine YSL's campagins or Tom Ford's campaigns that were screaming with sex. Because sex sells. So I thought I will take a closer look at a sex industry, where everything begun - the obsession with the body, obsession with moaning and intimacy.

Kennedy Carter is a star. A cheecky ginger bastard with a smile of a teenager and a body that beginning many models would love to have. What makes him different than an average male model? He's not a model. He's a go-go dancer and a porn star. A rebellious cutie covered with old school tattoos. If he was taller he could stand in the same line with rockabilly alike models like Cole Mohr, Josh Beech or Ash Stymest. The idea of this interview came out after thinking about the nudity in the industry. No one is suprised looking at nude Lara Stone's photos or Anja Rubik's breasts in fashion campaign. We all get used to sex in ads. So I thought, why not ask someone taken straight from porn industry how does it feel to sell the body, to work with it during the night and day. As in the end, as someone said many years ago, modelling is some kind of a prostitution. But still it's just a job you can change. So I've called Kennedy Carter and asked him a few questions about nudity, porn and love. Because trust me or not - love and sex make the world go round.

Even these days when fashion rules the world, we still think that models are stupid, empty and that they only care about their bodies instead of caring bout their minds too. The same with the porn industry. Let's not cheat each other – we ALL watch porn, we use it as a turn-on, we use it as a foreplay with our partners. Are we all stupid? It's easy to judge, to point finger at a person saying “What a fucking slut”, “That's disguisting”. But being a porn star doesn't mean that the person is some stupid high class hooker. If you think so, let me smash your idea about these people with this interview.

Fetish: Have you ever been a model?

Kennedy Carter: No. I mean, lots of photographers have taken photos of me, but never for anything commercial. I think you can only really call yourself a model if you are getting paid!

How tall are you?


Well, so for the fashion industry you're a handsome midget only. What do you think about this height restrictions in modelling? All guys have to be at least 6'0” tall. Have you been ever considering working as a model? Anyone proposed it to you?

No, I have always been really into fashion and I was always very aware that even if I had a face that was suitable to modelling, I would be too short. I think the height restrictions make sense based on the sample sizes that designers use.

You became a successful go go dancer - how did your adventure started?

I always loved to dance, but last summer Jodie Harsh, a big party promoter in London, contacted me about being in the ads for a new party she was starting, and dancing at the party. Since then I have got to dance at parties in New York, San Francisco, Brussels, and Toronto, it has ben great.

Do you remember the first nite u were dancing half or full naked?

Well I spent a good part of my late teens in clubs dancing with my shirt off, so it wasn't too different!

So how do you feel about the nudity? Are you a typical “hunk sweetheart” obsessed with his body?

No not at all. Obviously I have to focus on it because of my job, but I'm under no illusions about it being the most perfect gym in the world.

What is the type of your guy? Would you go for a cute skinny one or you have an exact type you prefer?

I nearly always go for Latin guys, usually at least ten years older, hairy, tattooed, rough looking!

What was actually the first? Dancing or being a porn actor?

The porn came first. I never really thought I would gogo because I'm not as muscled as most of the guys out there, but once I became better known for doing movies I got booked more and more.

I've seen you for the first time in East Bloc in London, I have to admit you can shake that bootey (laughs). If you could share this with me – I know gentelmen don't talk about the money, but let's not be gentelmen for a second – how much money can a successful gogo dancer and a porn star earn? You said it helped you to pay for the school so I suppose it's pretty much!

The amount different porn companies pay their models varies hugely, all I will say is I'm getting paid enough to get by!

How have u became a porn star?

When I started university I wanted a job that paid well without having to work too many hours so I could focus on my studies, and porn ticked both those boxes. I just off my photos to a few websites and they all responded really positively. I initially worked in Europe and then after filming for Raging Stallion in San Francisco they hired me as an exclusive for a year, which has just ended.

What are your plans now?

Im about to start the third year of my degree, at a university in Mexico City. After graduating in 2012 I want to move to New York permanently to start my Masters.

For sure u remember your first time with a camera. How was it? Were you scared?

It was actually really easy. It was for a German company called Cazzo, and it was a small set up with just the director and one camera man. Also my partner in the scene was new too so we kind of guided each other through it.

I've heard many times about abusing young guys or girls in the bussiness, like hiring under age twinks. What do you think about this issue?

Every studio is legally required to get two forms of ID from every model, if models under 18 are used illicitly it is certainly frowned on by the vast majority of the industry.

How is it like to have sex with a total stranger in front of the camera? It is also some kind of a modelling – I'd call it a hardcore one, but still. You work with your body, face expressions, how do you prepare to this kind of acting?

I wouldn't say there is much preparation, other than avoiding any sexual stimulation for a few days in advance of a shoot. I do think it is just another form of modelling, or acting - you have to be constantly aware of where the camera is, how your body looks from which angles, how much passion you are putting into your performance.

God gave u a killer smile, killer body and a, well, great tool. What are your secrets to look so good?

(Laughs) Well the tool takes care of itself, but in terms of my body I work out five times a week, mainly weights with some cardio, and I eat really healthily. Knowing you are going to have a camera pointed at your gut is a really great motivation to put the work in at the gym!

You can masturbate to work on the tool (laughs). Do you like what are you doing? Have you ever had a moment that you said: No way, I am not gonna even think about touching that guy?

No. I have never worked with anyone I found sexually unattractive, we usually get to check out a model we are going to work out before a shoot. At the end of the day, a shoot is my job and not really about my sexual satisfaction, but about the sexual satisfaction of those people who will watch it - the import_ant thing is to give a good performance.

Things most difficult when it comes to porn?

People misconceptions about our intelligence, morals, or character.

Do you have a boyfriend? Is he in a porn industry as well too?

I have a boyfriend, who lives in NYC, but he does not do porn. He definitely has all the right assets but he is not as much of an exhibitionist as me.

Is it easy to have a relationship being in such an environment?

I guess jealousy can come into it, but as long as you are open and honest most people eventually understand that it is just a job.


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