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"A man who thinks with dick is a blessing sometimes" - the interview with Maria Kompf.

Maria Kompf despite of being my great friend is also a great model. I think her 5 minutes are yet to come, but remember that name now - you will hear about her very soon. What I do love about her is her raw look. She could be dressed even in the Tesco's carry on bag and she would totally rock that outfit. I used to call her The Ice Queen. Her look is cold, but wait until she smiles and she will make your knees buckle. Tall, sculpturesque and extremely sexy - she would be the perfect model for Tom Ford's campaigns. Maybe one day she will? I'd be the first in the line to buy everything she's advertising.

At the moment she's workin in Beijing (till 12.09.2011) rocking the fashion shows and photo-shoots. She has found a little time tho to answer me a few questions about love. We were going to publish this short chat in Idoll Magazine, but because we both were too busy, we were only able to do it after my deadline. That's why I've decided to publish the whole interview here. But stay tuned - she'll be featuring my next editorial for this magazine at the beginning of the next year.

What is love? Love is a disease. Let me know if you gonna find a pill for a healthy and pure love. Cuz it will become my favourite drug. Don't expect polite answers. Maria knows how to use accessories from the nearest sex shop around the corner.

Fetish: What is love?
Maria: When God forgives you all your sins.

What's the difference between love and romance?
God doesn’t have romances, does He?

Do you think men can love and it will be a pure love or they are just into romances?
I’m sure men can love and may it be an impure love.

Will you agree that men think with dick? But then what about women?
There are so many guys without balls nowadays, that a man who thinks with dick is a blessing sometimes.

What is more important? The look or the brain? I have to say that the look is the most important for me but I am a love idiot and always falling for a pretty face - regretting it later.
Aesthetics is aesthetics. Whatsoever.

Are you in a relationship at the moment?
…and it’s not complicated

Who's your boyfriend?
He’s a nazi transvestite who makes electro and teaches maths. I’m serious.

People say it's hard to be in a relationship when you're a model. Travels all around the world, beautiful people around - it all makes you wanna cheat on your beloved!
Cheating is not enough perverse for us.

Would you consider a 3-some if your partner would propose it? Or would you rather pick 1 on 1 option?
Girls, if you wanna a 3-some, send us your photos and me & my partner will consider it.

Are u sexually active when u're in a long-term-relationship?
Tell me, what is a long-term relationship without being sexually active for?

What is the key to a successful relationship?
Leash and collar.

If you could pick - a good one night stands everyday or a long-term-partner, what would you choose?
A good one night stands everyday with a long-term-partner.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
I rather believe in love at first sex.

Height: 177cm
Proportions: 84-61-90

If you're interested to get in touch with Maria:
mail: mery.mgc@gmail.com

Photos: Maria's archives

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