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Bartek Fetysz Rytkowski for IDOLL MAGAZINE: The interview with the manager of Dulcedo Agency.

Fetysz: On the information you've send us - there's a note that your agency is special. What is so special bout it?
Karim: All our models feels like if we were a family, they are getting placed worldwide pretty fast and they get a beautiful international carrear right away!

Oh please! Every agent will say that his agency is like a family. But you're unlucky today, because I'm a friend with many models and I know the bussiness. Everything is cool until the top model began being non-profit model and the agent is telling her "goodbye" instead of "you're fabulous". It's a shock for someone who's hearing "you look like a shit" for the first time in life. That's how many depressions have started...
I am not as all the agents and we have 2 teams of bookers - one working over the night for overseas contracts and placement and one working during the day for local bookings. Our models ask us sometimes for advance to pay cellphones and bills and they know that we'll help them out because we consider them as part of the family and our success is depending on them!

What does the name of agency mean?
It means Charming in Latin.

There are hundreads of models agencies all over the world.Let's not mention Wilhelmina, Red, Elite or other number ones. I've never heard about Dulcedo. How do you plan to rock the industry?
Keep going on the same track, finding some of the best models in the world and make them big locally and internationally.

How does a person need to look to work for you?
We have scouts all over the world and they are looking for fresh faces every day but each face is special and each model have his own look!

Who is the scout? What does a person has to do to become a scout in Dulcedo?
We have 8 scouts over the world and to become a scout they have to impress us and to show us what can they introduce us as models coming from the street.

And how does the casting looks like?
Our name is established so we are recieveing models applications every day and sometimes you discover some really great face, but we have also scouts as I said before.

Alright, let's imagine that situation: I am a dream boy, ladies are masturbating seeing me, boys are falling in love immediately. I am coming to your office, you're falling in love, want me to sign and... what's next?
We'll take your polaroids, video and we meet your parents if you're under 18, we explain the philosophy of the team, our way to work and introduce you to your bookers, then we show why would we be the best choice and show you some of our models carrears and normally you gonna sign and like your adventure with us.

How much money does it cost to begin this adventure? Every adventure is about money. Only Lara Croft travels for free.
We are advancing to our models flights, appartements, cell phone or skype accounts and money from the bookings they will have - we can take it back but we never asked a model to pay something to start this adventure!

Nowadays the industry is dominated with Jon Kortajarena, Josh Beech, Ash Stymest, Cole Mohr, Tyson Ballou - who's your answer to them from your agency?
Behind each big model, there are good agents and we have the good agents who gonna make our models as big as them and they might shoot with them pretty soon.

Honestly and personaly - who do you think is the model of all the time and why? You may pick a male and a female model.
Personaly I love Daria Werbowy and she's Canadian. For male model - Gabriel Aubry is another canadian model who have the face to reach my model of all time criterias.

Yeah, I know Gabriel. What's so special about him? He looks like all American teenage high school footbal captains. Just a dream boy. Okay, he's dating Halle Berry...
Find me five Gabriels Aubry and I'll put you as head scout for our men division if you think that he's like all american high school footbal captains.

Looks like I just got a new job (laugh). Now - do you think that any of your models have such a potential as
the models you mentioned in the last question?
I have a lot of models who are getting an amaizing international carrear, I didn't found yet a male model who can replace Aubry but I have a girl starting who's gonna make it really big!

I've seen the page, seen the new faces. I have to admit there are good faces and some that I would never ever hire. Do you think that it's the end of beautiful models? Pure beauty is over? Now it's time for "this something" or uglyness sometimes?
For sure, the wierd beauty is getting a lot of success these days but pure beauty will always be there and like it or not trends change but basics are always the same.

What are the biggest successes of your models?
International campaigns and shooting with the best photographers in the world is the biggest success of my models!

Can you name some photographers or campaigns, please?
Gucci, Martin Rondeau, Leda St-Jacques, Burberry, Vogue USA, Bazzar, etc.

Fashion became very unisex. Muscular men seems to be out of the bussiness. Of course they can be faces of underwear but in the latest editorials there's just a place for rock dudes, skinny or slim ones, with a lot of tattoos. What do you think about this trend?
There is a place for all the beautiful face, it is true that the rock dudes trend is taking over and I am happy because I have some of those wierd looking guys but things change fast in this industry!

Have you met with anorexia problems at your agency? How did you solve it?
No, normally all our models are healthy and we are focusing on that part.

BMI checkings?
Measurments updates every week and talking with the parents as much as possible

Everybody knows that fashion industry is all bout drugs. It began to be very clear after the case with Kate Moss. What's your opinion bout this issue?
I already dropped a model who was working a lot but had some drug issues, our biggest models should give an example to the new models and that is not the image that we want to give to our next top models generation so there is no way to keep models who are taking drugs with us.

It's very Tyra Banks philosophy. Are you sure you know all about your models? Sometimes it's hard to see the problem...
Oh yes, my Dear, even if they are sometimes overseas we ask them to call us once a week, we are really close to all our models.

A lot of girls who wants to be models are getting on diet, Do you think models should be skinny as I call them "bony" or they should be normal looking women with full ass and boobs? Cause a lot of girls look like... young boys!
All our models should be into a modeling shape, I am not a fan of diets but we give to our models the time to work out and to be in top shape, it's not getting too skinny but it's all about having what it takes to book internationally.

If you could choose - who rule the fashion now? I'm thinking bout some fashion authorities.
LVMH and all the Photographers that we LOVE.

What are your biggest dreams about the agency?
Opening offices in all the major markets.

Thank you for your time.
You re welcome, it was a real pleasure!!

Photos: Dulcedo campaigns/editorials
The interview was published in Idoll Magazine (New York).