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"I'm not Gaga, and I never persued to be Gaga" - the interview with Edward Vigiletti.

Press called him "prettier Gaga", the better version. But he doesn't care. An angel's face and a charming
personality. With a bad boy look and a big heart for people. He will be huge. You'll see. But let him speak a little. This is not the last meeting with Edward.

So, who are you?
I'm Edward.

I remember when I saw your photos for the very first time at some polish gossip site, it was like, fuck, the drag queen or a good actor. How did you become Lady Gaga?
I'm not Gaga, and I never persued to be Gaga. I think when people saw the "Telephone" inspired shoot I had done with Ryan Burke people just automatically assumed I was an impersonator. Which it was really a thank you to Gaga for using my picture as her background on Twitter. I then started to take more pictures and all people still seemed to see was her. After that I wanted to make a video. A make-up time lapse to show people there is nothing I truthfully do with my make-up to specifically make myself up
to look like her. But once again it become. "How Edward turns himself into Gaga". It's just become funny to me now.

Why Gaga by the way? I am not a fan so you can spank me.
No one can deny that all she spreads is love & acceptance.

Many people who are dressing like a woman have a problem with their gender, what about you?
I love being a guy. My dressing up is just another part of who I am. Believe me when I say I love every bit of myself.

Interesting issue for me. What's the difference between being a man and a woman?
I couldn't tell you.

My friend said once that people who are acting someone else hates their own body, character, so they are becoming someone else. What about you? Do you accept yourself the way you are?
Well, I'm much not of an actor. But soon you'll a new side of me.

Honestly, you're a prettier Gaga's version (hah). I am sure you have plenty of stories, funny ones bout that. Can you share some?
That's disrespectful to say, and to answer. No I've never had anything happen to me related to that.

Any unpleasant moments?
Not one. I like to attract good people.

Where from do you have all those accessories, clothes? I would die for them! My fav one is the leather mask...
I've been fortunate to meet friends with amazing talents. Edward Fong created the spiked mask.

What about your sexuality? U're gay, straight, bi?
I just go with the flow. But so far I love men.

Everyone has his/her own fetish, what is yours?
I'm coming to realize its people who express themselves.

Victor Blanco is the man who wears heels with such a class. Is it hard for a man to get used to them?
Victor Blanco is great, I wish more men embraced heels. I really wouldn't know for others, but for me It came naturally. It's funny to me when I think back, because even when I was little I would walk on my tip toes.

Who would you like to be in the future? Cuz now you're starting to be some kind of a celebrity...
I'd like to be happy. And that's truthfully all I ever was and still am after.

And your biggest dream is?
I truthfully could say right now there isn't any dream of mine that over shines the others. Other than to have life going as great as it is right now.

Photos: Edward's archive (Thank you!)

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Bartek Fetysz Rytkowski for IDOLL MAGAZINE: "Looks that's LICENSED TO KILL".

Being a model is not a job nowadays. Being a model became a kind of a lifestyle. We do have icons like Linda Evangelista, Erin Wasson or my private number one - Kate Moss. Since early 90's when they were the fashion queens, everything has changed. 36 size became size 0, and pluse size models were out of the runways. And than like in a rollercoaster ride everything has made a circle and we have new rules today. No skinny girls, come backs of the 90's icons and many new faces. Some of them are interesting, some are ugly, and some are stunning beauties wanted to get the throne of the fashion icons of the new millenium. Daria Zhemkova belongs to the last group. But Russians were always a power nation willing to conquer the world.

It has been said Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world. Most of them are tall, with a porcelain skin and legs to die for sometimes complemented by high heel shoes. Most of them are blonde, and as we know from the times where Marilyn was alive - men prefer blondes. Almond eyes and during winter very pink cheecks they look like fairytales who doesn't need any make-up. They just need the crown from fashion industry.

Today with their bared midriffs and piercings (remember when piercings were deifinetly not hot?) they are outwardly very like one another. But we can divide them into some groups anyway. One group is astoundingly uneducated, their lives consist of nightclubs, horribly rich new lovers, who are almost all old ("die, grandpa and leave me the fortune" romance) and drugs. Drugs became a very problem issue in a models society. Since capturing Kate Moss the subject has been disscussed like a hundreads of times. The other group, which counts many women, is just the opposite.

They are highly educated, and have plunged into the ocean of literature now being published in Russia those famous books by which the world lived in the 20th century and which have only now come to us. These women study with merciless obstinacy, hours and hours every day.

The times has changed and the Russia has changed. Russian women knows several languages. The new society of New Russians has grown up. They are rich, famous and even the American Princess Paris Hilton knows they are worth to keep an eye on. They are making the most spectacular parties, own the most popular TV station - Fashion TV and know what they want. They are realising their dream about being seen in Europe and the whole world what was unavailable for their grandmothers and grandfathers who suffered from the nightmare of wars, repression and perpetual hunger. But for the Russian nation the sprinf has already come. And now it's the time for them to show us their flowers. The beauties worth every sin. God, forgive me, but I love Russian women.

The first Russian business women came onto the scene. They are taking not only the bussines area - they are going to rule also the politics area. Now they're over 30. They can be found in the most varied professions - from advertising to travel agencies. From mass media to all law firms and commercial enterprises. And everyone knows Russians are the number one in sports. They are the swans of the dance. Stunning moves, beautiful bodies and the eyes that are almost as cold as the snow.

The warriors. That's the good name for Russian women nowadays
. They can have husbands but they don't need them to have children. They talk about sex like the characters from the number one "Sex and The City". A strong community of the women came out from the houses - powerfull and extremely self-confident. "Shyness was made for idiots" - told me a Russian friend - "I was made to be popular". Yes, the spring has come. Finally.

This holiday Idoll celebrates Daria Zhemkova - A Russian princess. Watch her. Cause she may steal many careers and a crown. The crown of a youth models.

Fetish: Let's start from the very beginning - how did it happened that you were found as an interesting face? I would love to hear the whole story.
Daria Z: IMG scouts (Jenny and Dominique) came to my mother agent in Moscow and they really liked me. Next I was going to Greece to build my book and the next stop was Paris.

You're Russian. There are many beautiful girls, also successfull models that are from your country. Is it very hard to get out from the country that is not such popular as let's say the fashion capital cities?
I wouldn't say it is hard. For me it was quite easy.
How does fashion life looks in Russia? I've heard many stories about the New Russians - very rich, glamour, and the second ones that have no style and not so much money to improve their wardrobes...
New Russians - the like shinny things and to spend money. It's funny because all designer's clothes in Moscow is 2-3 times more expencive compared to the rest of the world. It makes more sense for them to fly to Milan and Paris for shopping.

Waris Dirie, the great supermodel once said something like - Your heart is when your home is even when it's far away. How it is living so far away from your close family?
I talk to my family on Skype everyday so I don't miss them too much...

Where do you live now?
I am not sure. I guess I live in NYC now.

Do you like the city/country? What is so special about it?
I love New York. I feel alive here. My friends are here and I can't really explain it. That feeling that makes you feel safe. I feel like at home.

Let's go back to your model career. Do you remember your frist editorial or fashion show? Tell me about the emotions that were in you than. I can imagine it's like before the first time with a lover - body's shaking, mind is empty...
I don't really remember my first job but I do remember that I wasn't scared or anything. It felt like I have been doing it my entire life.

It is said that many models are... shy! Is it true?
No. It's not true at all!

Do you have any favorite designers or photographers?
I love Patrick Demarchelier and his work is amazing. I really like Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana.

Modelling is about competition. Once season you may be a star, and the second season you may be forgotten just like the legendary model Gia played in a so called name by Angelina Jolie. Do you think it's your five minutes? How does the relation between the models look like?
Well, Gia was forgotten because of her drug problems. I don't see it as a competition. I just like to do what I am doing and if something like that happens I will still be working. Maybe I will become more commercial but I would still do it.

I used the movie Gia because I also wanted to ask about drug abusing in the bussiness. There are many gossips, that they are everywhere, at every party after the show, at every models's houses. What do you think about this issue?
Probably it was like that 20 years ago but not now. But you know, if you want you can always find it and don't have to be a model for that. Those problems are everywhere,

What are you into now? I heard you became a part of IMG models agency? Congratulations! The legends of the runway are there like my icon Kate Moss! How do you feel being a part of such a lovely group of women?
It feels great! It is the best agency in the industry and I love them all. And I love my agent!

What would you consider as your biggest success right now?
Being in New York. Working with the best professionalists in the world. I know my career is very well taken care of.

Do you regret anything that happened in your life?
No. And I never will. I believe everything happens for a reason.

If Daria could take a 5 minutes for me and look into the mirror - what are the things she loves in her look? Are there also she doesn't like?
I like everything I see. I lived with myself for 19 years and you start loving everything after a certain time.

Do you have time for love? I was always wondering that being a models means being very single in a big world...
I have a boyfriend and I love him. If you love someone you will always find time for them no matter how busy you are.

What are your dreams for now?
I have so many! But they are all coming true now!

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
I have no idea! I don't even know where I am going to be next monts (laughs).

Thank you very much for your time.

Photo: The cover of "Idoll".

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The real beauty is sometimes hidden behind the shyness. Dylan Monroe's story.

I remember the day I saw Dylan's photos for the first time. There was something magnetic in his look. A killer combination of masculinity and femininity. The body of a man, and a female softness. And those hypnotic eyes. Even now, after a year from that moment I still find him interesting, cause his every picture is a piece of art. My friend said once: I am sure Pussycat Dolls wrote "Don't cha" after seeing him in the club. Hard to disagree with that.

Fetish: This has to be the first question! How a person such beautiful, extremely perfect can be shy? I thought I will jump off my pants when you told me so...
Dylan Monroe: You know, it's funny because you get me in front of a camera or on a walk and Iwon't hesitate to strip down or work but that's work. It's something really comfortable and normal for me. I go out with my friends and I'm really outgoing and lewd and stupid but get me alone and I freeze up. Put me in a room with just me and someone else or just me and a random group of people and I'm frozen. I definitely have my comfort zones and get me out of my elliment and I'm completely useless which I know is why the majority of the people I am friends with Imeet through what I do. Because it's me doing what I do and they just happen to be there. Kind of an ironic handicap.

Let's stay in the topic for awhile. Your pictures are sensual, sexual, u're successful - a lot of people would change into self-confident monsters. What about you?
I'm a complete monster. All of my friends are beautiful, I party hard and catch myself looking for reflections in dull surfaces. Though I'm a very self aware person, I need to constantly be taken away from what I do.... Not just because it would become painfully boring but also because the industry is really not who I am... It's just the field I work in and it's something I love doing but I'm not one of these people. I'm not one to follow it. I like to peace-out after a job, grab some McDonalds and hang out with my friends and not talk about what I did all day. People get really into it and really self absorbed... Truthfully... I just can't be bothered.

How long are you modelling?
I've been modeling for just about 2.5 years now. Maybe a little more. Closer to 3. It's all kind of a blur. Goes in waves where when I first started I had a few really random gapped spread out jobs so the official start is a little in the unknown zone (laughs)

Do you remember how did it started? If I were a fashion agent I would make you my number 1 top model in the agency.
Well, I have this friend (laughs). My best friend. I've known her since I was tiny. She's a few years older than I am and when we met when I was very young, I think I was about 10 years old and she was about 15 or 16, and she said to me "you don't even know it yet but when you grow up you are going to be a model!". She soon thereafter moved to New York city and traveled all through Europe modeling and stuff. We were reunited when I was just turning 16 and we've been in-seperable ever since. I got my first modeling job through one of her friends for their clothing line which then was made into an article in a magazine in LA. Then after that I just realized this is something I really enjoy doing and was really encouraged to do it. I'd have to say my sphere of influence really got me motivated to pursue it as a career and the fact it's something I love doesn't hurt either. The rest is history.

You remind me Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Dunno if it's lips or the look, there's something very magnetic about you. Camera loves you. Have you heard even one - that u're ugly?

5 things you love about yourself...
Well, to the general public: my parents are better than yours; my siblings are better than yours; my friends are better than yours; my pets are better than yours; and I'm modest. I am a really lucky person and truthfully I would never change a thing. The people I surround myself by are all the pieces that make me me and I love all of them and so as it goes...

Now a little bit harder - name 5 things you hate bout yourself.
I don't think I hate anything about anything (laughs). I find a lot of things to be endeering. If I was what everyone expected me to be I wouldn't want to be my friend (laughs). Hate is such a strong word. I always worry about if I do my best and I linger on the past and worry about what if I'd done things differently. I'm spread very thin over my friends and I invest myself completely in everyone close to me. It makes it easy to for people to assume my intentions or feelings aren't genuine with hurts them which in-turn hurts me. Blah blah blah. I love to much but when it's time to love someone I'm incapable. All those things are pretty sucky. I have depth. I think that's the one thing I most dislike about myself and many times so do the people around me. I remember once a friend of mine sayin to me "Why are you talking to that person?" and Ireplied "I'm just being nice" to which they replied "Dylan your not nice!" and maybe that's a sign people don't know me very well or want me to be that way that onlookers see me to be. All I know is I'm glad I'm not that person...

How would you describe your style? It's very avangarde, what's your fav designers? Do you have any fav pieces in your wardrobe?
My style is disgusting. I'm the least fashionable person I know. People are always thrown off by it because in winter it's always all black with black shredded pants and black tights with black spiked boots with black lace and fur and hair and all this crazy shit so I look like a black abominable snowman on stilts but then in summer I'll seriously be naked and don't wear any black and everything's see through and short and no matter what I look like I stepped out of a 70's porno flick minus the body hair. I'm pretty all over the place. I don't really have a favorite designer because I change every day and with each day I can relate more to different styles than the one prior.

U're like a chameleon - every photo shoot the new look. Plus I would love to know what's up with you and your hair? Is it a hair fetish? Can you count how many times have you changed the cut or color? And what's your haircut now?
*Hairflip* my fetishes go far far beyond my hair (laughs) I was born with platinum blonde hair which sustained until about second grade. Then there after my hair turned almost black it is such a dark brown. In fourth grade I started bleaching my hair because I wanted to be blonde, then in sixth started dying it black all through middle school. In high school let it grow brown. Had 5 "steps" in my hair going entirely all the way around my head. Now because of work I'm a little more limited but I have always been one to be up for a quick change. I have en entire book of me with just blonde hair and an entire book of me with dark hair. It's good for if I change it up on a whim because there's no room for my agents to get angry with me and I can still work. Right now I have hard hair again with an a-symetricle low extreme undercut. The length is always changing. I think it's fun to be able to switch it up and important to have a little control but right now basically if I'm shot from one side of my head I have really short hair and from the other side really log hair. Is that a fetish?

What were the biggest things u've done as a model?
I don't know. I've worked with a billion different people and I love all of them. I've had a lot of amazing experiences and I could never pinpoint just one person or one shoot or one designer. Some of my favorite work I've done was in New York City though. Some of the most amazing designers and stylists and photographers I've had the honor of working with were there. I'll play that one safe i think.

Do you think that fashion tries to feminise men? Someone of my friend said "Dylan is handsome because he looks like man and a woman".
(laughs) I think I look like me. I'm the same person I am in my photos. Every between shot of me cracking up because the hairstylist cracks a joke off camera is me. I think maybe now societys just changing and the ideals of a man are just changing. I mean... this isn't the 90's... but I guess everything goes full circle. Maybe one day I'll get really buff and dumb and my dreams of being on new-school baywatch will finally become a reality but for now I think generally we're in a clean healthy in-between. The line between masculinity and femininity is always teetering and I think as sexuality continues to become more corrupt in mainstreem society and people become more and more exposed to... Things that today even maybe considered "over the top" or "in-apropriate" fashion will continue to push these fine lines. Or so i hope...

It is said that fashion industry is all about sex and drugs and everybody hates everybody. What's your opinion about that? Have you met with such people? Any unpleasant moments?
As far as I'm concerned everything you hear about the fashion industry is true. Everything you hear about me is true. Everyone's horrible. I'm horrible. It's like any other industry. It's driven by money but fortunately there's a huge space left and motivated my art and creation which I really appreciate. Really there's no good way to go about it. People work hard and they play hard and assume that puts them above other people and people get mean and nasty. It's all true. It will never change, but it's just like anything else. It's a very competitive industry. It's been the pre-conception about the industry for decades. As far as unpleasent moments... People get jealous and nasty sometimes. The worst things are the things you here for people. People assume the worst of you before they meet you and that is kind of a bother...

Do u have someone u admire?
I admire my best friends... That's pretty much it. Most of them are in this industry. A lot of them do as well the same things as I do. I think it's really hard to meet real true friends while doing this but I have been so lucky and I know that's a big contributing factor to why I do this. Because I'm always in good company and I'm always being pushed and encouraged to do my best and I am always having fun.

Have you ever been dumped? I will die if you tell me so...
I've never put myself in the situation where I could. I'm honestly not really the relationship type. I'm the intimate friends type which I suppose hurts more... but people come and go. I've pushed people away and tried to regain friendships. People like to think you are either together or apart. I like to keep things smooth and keep people close to me close to me. Keep things from getting messy...

If u could be someone else for a one day - who would you pick?
I would want to be my identical twin brother who has the exact same life as me.

Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld?
Betty Ford.

You live in US - how the fashion looks like in your country? It is said it's boring and that London became the capital of fashion.
(laughs) Fashions only as boring as you make it. I haven't been in the US for a few months but it's pretty fucking generic. But like anything it has it's waves. Everywhere takes from other places. I don't know about you but I do what I want...

The last question: every little boy had a dream. What was your dream? And... had Dylan Monroe made his dream come true?
Ha! As a little boy my dream was to grow up and look like one of the guys from 90210 (laughs). I think I got the better end of that stick (laughs). I still dream. I day dream. I always will until Iam dead. I always look forward to the things to come and dream of what may happen tomorrow... It usually does.

Photos: Dylan's archives (Thank you!)