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"Well, according to my agent I really need to monitor my chocolate consumption" - the interview with Miles Miller.

There's was a third man I interviewed for my editorial to polish "Glamour" magazine. The most unpopular one but in my eyes he was worth talking to. And I wasn't wrong. Sparkling diamond, that soon will be huge. Next door boy with a sparkling personality. You would never tell he can be a model when you're looking at him. But he's stealing every photo. His romance with the camera, with every shoot is amazing so I decided to share with his charm here. Cuz he's worth it. Miles Miller.

Fetish: How do you feel being a new wave model? You're handsome but skinny. Do you think that the time for very masculine models just ended? All famous models now (like you, Ash, Josh) are very boyish.
Miles Miller: I don't know if the time for masculine models has ended or is just temporairly out of season, but I am very proud to be a part of the new wave of models on the rise.

How did your adventure with modelling started?
I started modeling as a way to try to earn a little extra cash while I was in college. While I was there not much came of it but when I came near to graduation I interviewed with different agencies in New York and signed with Empire. I flew to New York one way three days after graduation.

We all heard all those stupid gossips bout models - that they're beautiful and stupid. But now you're in this industry too. Tell me how does it really look like. Is there a lot of jealousy?
I think that there is only jealousy when you as a model conduct your self in an inappropriate manner, when you believe that because of this or that you are better than your friends then they become jealous. When you make them a part of the success then they are happy for you and you for them when they suceede.

Do u remember your first campaign/editorial? Weren't u scared?
I do remember my first campaign, I was really just excited to be doing a shoot. I dont think that I really grasped what it was for untill later.

U become top model in a very short time. Do u know that you're an inspiration for many young people?
I am very proud to be a role model for many different people, I try every day to live my life as an example that is worth following. One of my greatest wishes is to be a role model for people who come from small towns like me, to show them that if they want to they can go anywhere in the world and do anything they want to do. That they are not limited to what is available to them in the small town.

What are the most fantastic memories from your work?
All of my greatest memories are from when I get to travel, I love to get to see the world and experience new cultures out side of the United States. My first trip to London and Milan definately stands out.

Are there any bad experiences in your work, too?
Everything is going to have a bad experience from time to time but i try to just let it pass and focus on the good things.

As I said, you're a fresh face. Do u wanna be a model for a long time or is it just a part-time job?
I would love to make a good long term career out of modeling, or at least as long term as you can get as a model.

Tell me sth bout yourself that people might not know...
(Laughs) Something that always "shocks" people is that growing up I lived with out electricity.

How does your day look like?
Well it is the middle of fashion week castings here in New York so I'll wake up tomorrow morning and probably go on between three and five castings. I will also try to find time to go to the gym and get a good workout in.

We all know that drugs is a problem in models's industry. What's your opinion bout it?
I think that it is very much a shame that the corrolation is always made between the two, but the problem definetely exists. All that I can hope is that the models who are successfull enough to be the role models for people like we mentioned before are smart enough to set a positive example and rise above stuff like drugs.

Do you have any bad habits?
Well according to my agent I really need to monitor my chocolate consumption. I think that may be too hard though (laughs).

What are your interest besides fashion?
I love anything outdoors, I grew up surrounded by woods for eighteen years so I love hiking, swimming, and just hanging out outside. I love to play sports, always played baseball as a kid. I also trained to be a pilot in college and enjoy flying a lot.

Who would you be if no one would discover you and asks you to be a model?
Right now I would be working as a flight instructor at some flight school building hours so that I could get hired to be a copilot for a small airline. It would be my first step on a long road to becoming a captian for a major airline.

The last question, for all female readers that are so into you. Do you have a girlfriend?
Well there is no girlfriend. I think it is just as well, this industry is very hard to break into so its taking all of my energy to become a great model. At this point in my life I am just more focused on my career.

Thank you and I would like to say I totally adore what you're doing.
I want to say thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this great story that you are doing, I feel very pirveleged. I also feel pirveleged that you have taken notice of my work. Thanks again for everything and I look foreword to meeting some day as well.

Interview was published in "Glamour" magazine, November 2009.
Photos: Miles's archive (Thank you!)

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