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"I'm not Gaga, and I never persued to be Gaga" - the interview with Edward Vigiletti.

Press called him "prettier Gaga", the better version. But he doesn't care. An angel's face and a charming
personality. With a bad boy look and a big heart for people. He will be huge. You'll see. But let him speak a little. This is not the last meeting with Edward.

So, who are you?
I'm Edward.

I remember when I saw your photos for the very first time at some polish gossip site, it was like, fuck, the drag queen or a good actor. How did you become Lady Gaga?
I'm not Gaga, and I never persued to be Gaga. I think when people saw the "Telephone" inspired shoot I had done with Ryan Burke people just automatically assumed I was an impersonator. Which it was really a thank you to Gaga for using my picture as her background on Twitter. I then started to take more pictures and all people still seemed to see was her. After that I wanted to make a video. A make-up time lapse to show people there is nothing I truthfully do with my make-up to specifically make myself up
to look like her. But once again it become. "How Edward turns himself into Gaga". It's just become funny to me now.

Why Gaga by the way? I am not a fan so you can spank me.
No one can deny that all she spreads is love & acceptance.

Many people who are dressing like a woman have a problem with their gender, what about you?
I love being a guy. My dressing up is just another part of who I am. Believe me when I say I love every bit of myself.

Interesting issue for me. What's the difference between being a man and a woman?
I couldn't tell you.

My friend said once that people who are acting someone else hates their own body, character, so they are becoming someone else. What about you? Do you accept yourself the way you are?
Well, I'm much not of an actor. But soon you'll a new side of me.

Honestly, you're a prettier Gaga's version (hah). I am sure you have plenty of stories, funny ones bout that. Can you share some?
That's disrespectful to say, and to answer. No I've never had anything happen to me related to that.

Any unpleasant moments?
Not one. I like to attract good people.

Where from do you have all those accessories, clothes? I would die for them! My fav one is the leather mask...
I've been fortunate to meet friends with amazing talents. Edward Fong created the spiked mask.

What about your sexuality? U're gay, straight, bi?
I just go with the flow. But so far I love men.

Everyone has his/her own fetish, what is yours?
I'm coming to realize its people who express themselves.

Victor Blanco is the man who wears heels with such a class. Is it hard for a man to get used to them?
Victor Blanco is great, I wish more men embraced heels. I really wouldn't know for others, but for me It came naturally. It's funny to me when I think back, because even when I was little I would walk on my tip toes.

Who would you like to be in the future? Cuz now you're starting to be some kind of a celebrity...
I'd like to be happy. And that's truthfully all I ever was and still am after.

And your biggest dream is?
I truthfully could say right now there isn't any dream of mine that over shines the others. Other than to have life going as great as it is right now.

Photos: Edward's archive (Thank you!)

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