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Bartek Fetysz Rytkowski for IDOLL MAGAZINE: "Looks that's LICENSED TO KILL".

Being a model is not a job nowadays. Being a model became a kind of a lifestyle. We do have icons like Linda Evangelista, Erin Wasson or my private number one - Kate Moss. Since early 90's when they were the fashion queens, everything has changed. 36 size became size 0, and pluse size models were out of the runways. And than like in a rollercoaster ride everything has made a circle and we have new rules today. No skinny girls, come backs of the 90's icons and many new faces. Some of them are interesting, some are ugly, and some are stunning beauties wanted to get the throne of the fashion icons of the new millenium. Daria Zhemkova belongs to the last group. But Russians were always a power nation willing to conquer the world.

It has been said Russian women are the most beautiful women in the world. Most of them are tall, with a porcelain skin and legs to die for sometimes complemented by high heel shoes. Most of them are blonde, and as we know from the times where Marilyn was alive - men prefer blondes. Almond eyes and during winter very pink cheecks they look like fairytales who doesn't need any make-up. They just need the crown from fashion industry.

Today with their bared midriffs and piercings (remember when piercings were deifinetly not hot?) they are outwardly very like one another. But we can divide them into some groups anyway. One group is astoundingly uneducated, their lives consist of nightclubs, horribly rich new lovers, who are almost all old ("die, grandpa and leave me the fortune" romance) and drugs. Drugs became a very problem issue in a models society. Since capturing Kate Moss the subject has been disscussed like a hundreads of times. The other group, which counts many women, is just the opposite.

They are highly educated, and have plunged into the ocean of literature now being published in Russia those famous books by which the world lived in the 20th century and which have only now come to us. These women study with merciless obstinacy, hours and hours every day.

The times has changed and the Russia has changed. Russian women knows several languages. The new society of New Russians has grown up. They are rich, famous and even the American Princess Paris Hilton knows they are worth to keep an eye on. They are making the most spectacular parties, own the most popular TV station - Fashion TV and know what they want. They are realising their dream about being seen in Europe and the whole world what was unavailable for their grandmothers and grandfathers who suffered from the nightmare of wars, repression and perpetual hunger. But for the Russian nation the sprinf has already come. And now it's the time for them to show us their flowers. The beauties worth every sin. God, forgive me, but I love Russian women.

The first Russian business women came onto the scene. They are taking not only the bussines area - they are going to rule also the politics area. Now they're over 30. They can be found in the most varied professions - from advertising to travel agencies. From mass media to all law firms and commercial enterprises. And everyone knows Russians are the number one in sports. They are the swans of the dance. Stunning moves, beautiful bodies and the eyes that are almost as cold as the snow.

The warriors. That's the good name for Russian women nowadays
. They can have husbands but they don't need them to have children. They talk about sex like the characters from the number one "Sex and The City". A strong community of the women came out from the houses - powerfull and extremely self-confident. "Shyness was made for idiots" - told me a Russian friend - "I was made to be popular". Yes, the spring has come. Finally.

This holiday Idoll celebrates Daria Zhemkova - A Russian princess. Watch her. Cause she may steal many careers and a crown. The crown of a youth models.

Fetish: Let's start from the very beginning - how did it happened that you were found as an interesting face? I would love to hear the whole story.
Daria Z: IMG scouts (Jenny and Dominique) came to my mother agent in Moscow and they really liked me. Next I was going to Greece to build my book and the next stop was Paris.

You're Russian. There are many beautiful girls, also successfull models that are from your country. Is it very hard to get out from the country that is not such popular as let's say the fashion capital cities?
I wouldn't say it is hard. For me it was quite easy.
How does fashion life looks in Russia? I've heard many stories about the New Russians - very rich, glamour, and the second ones that have no style and not so much money to improve their wardrobes...
New Russians - the like shinny things and to spend money. It's funny because all designer's clothes in Moscow is 2-3 times more expencive compared to the rest of the world. It makes more sense for them to fly to Milan and Paris for shopping.

Waris Dirie, the great supermodel once said something like - Your heart is when your home is even when it's far away. How it is living so far away from your close family?
I talk to my family on Skype everyday so I don't miss them too much...

Where do you live now?
I am not sure. I guess I live in NYC now.

Do you like the city/country? What is so special about it?
I love New York. I feel alive here. My friends are here and I can't really explain it. That feeling that makes you feel safe. I feel like at home.

Let's go back to your model career. Do you remember your frist editorial or fashion show? Tell me about the emotions that were in you than. I can imagine it's like before the first time with a lover - body's shaking, mind is empty...
I don't really remember my first job but I do remember that I wasn't scared or anything. It felt like I have been doing it my entire life.

It is said that many models are... shy! Is it true?
No. It's not true at all!

Do you have any favorite designers or photographers?
I love Patrick Demarchelier and his work is amazing. I really like Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana.

Modelling is about competition. Once season you may be a star, and the second season you may be forgotten just like the legendary model Gia played in a so called name by Angelina Jolie. Do you think it's your five minutes? How does the relation between the models look like?
Well, Gia was forgotten because of her drug problems. I don't see it as a competition. I just like to do what I am doing and if something like that happens I will still be working. Maybe I will become more commercial but I would still do it.

I used the movie Gia because I also wanted to ask about drug abusing in the bussiness. There are many gossips, that they are everywhere, at every party after the show, at every models's houses. What do you think about this issue?
Probably it was like that 20 years ago but not now. But you know, if you want you can always find it and don't have to be a model for that. Those problems are everywhere,

What are you into now? I heard you became a part of IMG models agency? Congratulations! The legends of the runway are there like my icon Kate Moss! How do you feel being a part of such a lovely group of women?
It feels great! It is the best agency in the industry and I love them all. And I love my agent!

What would you consider as your biggest success right now?
Being in New York. Working with the best professionalists in the world. I know my career is very well taken care of.

Do you regret anything that happened in your life?
No. And I never will. I believe everything happens for a reason.

If Daria could take a 5 minutes for me and look into the mirror - what are the things she loves in her look? Are there also she doesn't like?
I like everything I see. I lived with myself for 19 years and you start loving everything after a certain time.

Do you have time for love? I was always wondering that being a models means being very single in a big world...
I have a boyfriend and I love him. If you love someone you will always find time for them no matter how busy you are.

What are your dreams for now?
I have so many! But they are all coming true now!

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
I have no idea! I don't even know where I am going to be next monts (laughs).

Thank you very much for your time.

Photo: The cover of "Idoll".

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