wtorek, 3 sierpnia 2010

Galliano's Charlie is creepy.

Let's not cheat each other. We've seen everything and there's nothing new in fashion and other media that will suprise us. Fashion and art became boring. Oops, sorry! Gone too far! There is something - Lady Gaga will commit a suicide in public and that will be something spectacular. Probably she will make it at one of her concerts and it will be the most expencive suicide in world's history. With the biggest audience ever.

We used John Galliano's ideas like we used to the fact that Vivienne Westwood doesn't like to wear undies and she will be the most incredible representative child of punk ever. I was hoping he will suprise me. I was praying to God to make it happen. "All hopes in Galliano - I said to my friend while sipping a coffee - Other collections were like a sugar cube - you just remember the fact you put it into your tea and later you totally don't remember the fact of it's existence". The same happened to all men's collections for Spring 2011. I cried when I saw "brand new" Rick Owens. What was that? Leftovers of his old collection with the new labels on?! Even mentioned before Westwood did nothing impressive - she let the pirates from the past to fuck her gardeners and TA-DAH! new collection's ready. So I was waiting for Galliano - my last hope. And what? He served me Charlie Chaplin after one night with Amy Winehouse and Pete who was after breaking up with Kate mixed with The Adams Family to whom Emily Rose came with a summer visit and a rehab from the Satan. Was it innovative? Creative? No. It was boring. "Little Tramp" should be called "Homeless" cause all the clothes looked like they were designed for Jack The Ripper or at least Freddie Kruger who's preparing for the fight with Jason. Oversized, ripped clothes, big trousers, and hats for beekeepers? Fake (made with make up) muscles on models? Was it more tanned version of Robert Pattinson's creation from "New Moon" or did I miss something? Maybe all those muscular models looked good on the runway but can you imagine men dressed like that walking on the street? Let's take some John Doe, age 30. He would look grotesquely. And even if there's an element of a joke in the whole collection - this joke is not funny at all. Creepy Charlie wasn't something I expected to get from such a visionary.

I am bored with dressing up as Hollywood Legends. I am bored with all those stylizations! Every "star" wants to be Marylin Monroe: Scarlett Johanson in D&G's campaign, Lindsay Lohan, even Jennifer Lopez dressed as Marylin was singing "Happy Birthday" to some TV host in his own show! All fresh actors are still being compared to James Dean. Remember first photo shoots of Leonardo di Caprio or mentioned before Robert Pattinson? Every cover was screaming: The New Beau and his life! I am screaming ENOUGH! Cause even if the show is spectacular, made with passion and the big names on the screen - it is still easy to cross a border and ruin a legend - the prototype that was not only incredible but also unique. And Galliano has ruined Chaplin with this collection. Instead of a colorful, funny vision of a great comic he has shown us Charlie, interrupted.

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