poniedziałek, 19 lipca 2010

I'm gonna be a supermodel.

The difference between British/American/Brazilian and Polish models is that the ones from UK, US and Brazil look like gays but are straight and the ones from Poland look like fags and are fags. The difference between world's fashion photographers and the Polish fashion photographers is that the world's ones have a strong portfolio and they are collaborating with magazines, models agencies etc. and the ones from Poland are promissing impossible careers and amazing photographs to young gay boys for blowing their horney cameras in their pants. The difference between fashion industry somewhere and the fashion industry in Poland is that the first one exist and the second one exist only in some dreamers's heads. There are some good Polish male models - Tomek Pastyrczak, Adrian Włodarski, Paweł Bednarek, Jarek Pietka or Tomek Szmulewicz are some good examples, that male models from my country can hit the road and rule the world. The other names I won't write here are "models" who would like to conquer the catwalks and billboards but it's impossible to make a career basing on a one face expression. We all know that big lips are sexy but pouting lips like a German porn star in early 90's is not hot anymore and looks cheap and trashy. No one wants to work with a boy who looks like a porn whore and would be a perfect face to take a gypsum cast for making a rubber doll to fill it up with cum and pee in each sweet-looking hole. Sometimes it's all bout the hair. Shave it and under a beautiful Pattinson-like hairstyle you will see a boring face and funky eyes. Sometimes it's all about the height. I am sorry boys, but only Bridget The Midget is allowed to be famous and small.

Philosophy: Being skinny and mean (oh yes, all "models" are very bitchy and self-confident) doesn't make them better but in their empty, hungry minds they can see each other as a very strong competition for the successful ones like Jon Kortajarena (once I've heard "He's not so amazing"). Watch the steps Baby. Instead of copying Ash, Josh or Cole they should find their own good sides and style, but no, that's too difficult to make.

-Hello, I am from "Neverland" and I am a model. I love your fashion pictures @ facebook, maybe we could be friends?
-You're a model? Great! I've been scouting for my friend's agency in NY, can I see your shots somewhere?
-Ummm, not exactly, my Mum took some polaroids of me but I don't like them.

-So you're a model?
-What agency represent you?
-Ummm, I don't have an agency yet.
-Why so?
-Was to busy to find one.

-I am a model from 3 years now I think. I love posing.
-So you must have an impression book.
-Yeah, check xyz at maxmodels.pl

Yeah, you know people? The thing is, we are all models. I think that's fair enough.

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