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"I love cars and women. Yes, in that order" - the interview with Dior's face - Bastiaan Ninaber.

In my last post you could have read my interview with Josh Beech from polish edition of "Glamour". In the same article two more boys were included. One of them was Bastiaan Ninaber. I've mixed all interviews and made a text from them so whole conversations weren't published anywhere. They are kinda unique. That's why, even if the questions are similar/the same I decided to share it with you. Last year Bastiaan was at the very beginning of his career. Now he's on top and you could see him at almost every runaway show for the up coming season. Never thought I will see my two boys together in mutual campaign. How suprised I was when I woke up this morning and saw fresh posters of H&M Divided campaign!

He should act like a fucking celebrity, but he's nothing like that at all. Meet charming Bastiaan, the face of Dior Homme.

Fetish: How do you feel being a new wave model? It looks like muscular, male models are passe. Now it's time for boyish figures.
Bastiaan Ninaber: I don't really have feelings about this. I guess it's a good thing though since I'm not a really muscular guy.

How did your adventure with modelling started?
Well thats a long story. A few years ago my father bought a clothing shop (which he sold again quite recently). At one point we decided to do a show for our best customers. We needed some models, so my dad asked me if I wanted to do it as well. We had a professional photagrapher at the show and she asked me if I wanted to take some picture's with her. So a couple of weeks later I went to her appartement and we did a little test shoot. She sent them to Tony Jones and he invited me over a couple of days later. After which he signed me to his agency.

For who are you working right now?
At this moment I'm in New York for the Fashion Week so there is a lot of brands where I'm working for right now.

Do u remember your first campaign/editorial? Weren't u scared?
Of course I do! My first campaign was for Dior Homme. Yes, I was pretty scared. I just started modelling and I was 17. I didn't know much/anything about the bussiness and I didn't really know any other models as well. So it was all a bit scary.

U become top model in a very short time. Do u know that you may be an inspiration for many young people?
I don't want to say I'm a top model already. I've been doing well for the last show seasons and have shot some really good editorials but I think a top model is still to much credit. Maybe talk to me in a few years time.

(I should probably talk to him now, cuz he's everywhere - see? I got "the eye"!)

What are the most fantastic memories from your work?
Hmm, where to begin.. I had some really great times doing this job. I still think the Hugo Boss party in Berlin was the greatest though. Ater the show they threw a party in the Russian ambassy which was just incredible. That and the fact that we had a really cool group of models made it one of the nights I'll never forget.

The worst collaboration? U don't have to give me the name of those bastards. Are there any bad experiences in your work, too?
There's only one time it didn't go as smoothly as I wanted. I was really jet-lagged and tired and it just didn't really work with the photagrapher. The picture's turned out to be really nice though so in the end it was all good.

As I said, you're fresh face. Do u wanna be a model for a long time or is it just a part-time job?
For now I'm modelling full-time. But I'm only doing this as long as it makes sence. By that I mean that it needs to keep me busy. I hate to sit around and do nothing.

Tell me sth bout yourself that people might not know...
I'm a huge petrolhead. I just love cars. When I have some time off I always try to go to the nurburgring (a famous circuit in Germany) to race cars with my friends.

How does your day look like?
Working: wake up - shower - breakfast - e-mail - go to work (castings/fittings/jobs) - come home - have dinner - call up my friends. Not working: wake up at some point - shower probably - go (swimming/racing/to the gym/watch movies/play football) - have dinner with my family - go to a club/bar. I guess that's about it (laughs)

We all know that drugs are a problem in models's industry. What's your opinion bout it?
I think it's a bit overated. It's just an image people have of this industry.

Do you have any bad habits?
Yes (laughs).

It is said that models can take for free clothes they're wearing on the catwalk. What are your best outfits in your closet?
Well that's not really true. Nine out of ten you're not allowed to take anything with you. Maybe it's different for the girls but for us boys it's like that. So my best outfits I probably bought myself.

What are your interest besides fashion?
Cars, women. Yes, in that order.

Who would you be if no one would discover you and asks you to be a model?
Do you mean where would I be? Because I didn't change because of modelling. I just see it as any other job. If you mean where, I would probably be in my 3rd year of university and having a proper job on the side (laughs).

The last question, for all female readers that are so into you. Do you have a girlfriend?
I don't have a girlfriend at the moment so hit me up (laughs).

Photos: Bastiaan's archives (Thank you) & H&M (www.hm.com)

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