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"Hugs not Drugs" - the interview with super-cool Josh Beech.

He made me wanted Levi's jeans again. The interview was a part of the whole article about Male Models published in November 2009 in polish "Glamour" magazine.

How do you feel being a new wave model with all those tatoos all over your body, not so classic face and skinny figure?
Josh Beech: It's pretty cool. I don't really think of myself as a model. I have always loved tats that's why I have them.

How did your adventure with modelling started?
It's started in East London when the booker Sherrill approached me and asked if I wanted to be a model. I was like "No, thanks luv!" and then she twisted my arm to come into the Models 1 office. And the rest is history.

Not so many people know that you're a leader of a band Snish. How long are you playing music? Heard some tracks, they rock. It this the kind of music you like the most?
Actually I am not the lead singer of a band called Snish anymore.I am the lead singer of a band called Hildamay. Snish went our seperate ways this summer and now I am having an awesome time making melodic punk with my buddies in Hildamay. Check us out
www.myspace.com/hildamay. Our single is out world wide in November.

Do u remember your first campaign/editorial? Weren't u scared?
To be honest, yeah, I was shitting myself. Modeling was something I had never done before so it was really strange. My first campaign was Burberry and my first editorial was Dazed and Confused.

U become top model in a very short time. Do u know that you're an inspiration for many young people? Like a role model? Do u feel any pressure because of that - u're like a male version of Kate Moss - smoking, listening to rock, wearing all those skinny jeans etc. U're an icon.
I don't feel any pressure. I am going to be myself and I always have been. I am honored to be considered some people's role model that's awesome. I don't know if I am an icon but thanks for the compliment. I enjoy meeting fans so if any of you are reading this and you see me out don't be scared to come say hi! I might even buy you a beer (laugh).

What are the most fantastic memories from your work?
I have so many. It is all kind of blurred into one big fantastic memory. The best part for me has been traveling and meeting so many amazing people.

Are there any bad experiences in your work, too?
Nope, all good experiences.

As I said before, you're the fresh face. Do u wanna be a model for a long time or is it just a part-time job?
I don't know really. I will do it as long as people still want me to wear there clothes (laughs). Music is my passion so modelling will eventually take a back seat for a while but who knows??!

Tell me some thing bout yourself that people might not know...
Errr, I love Paul Simons album "Graceland". Infact it's probably my favorite album.

How does your day look like?

We all know that drugs are a problem in models's industry. What's your opinion bout it?
Each to there own. I don't do drugs, but it doesn't bother me that other people do. I am not really the sort of person who needs them I am happy with a couple of beers and some good music. HUGS NOT DRUGS!

Do you have any bad habits?
What's considered a bad habit? I don't sleep enough (laughs).

What are your interest besides fashion?
Music, extreme sports, World war 2! Watching new bands.

Who would you be if no one would discover you and asks you to be a model?
I would still be Josh Beech. Although maybe i would be Batman. That would be awesome.

The last question, for all female readers that are so into you. Do you have a girlfriend and how does she feel bout seeing her boyfriend half naked on the bus stops, trams (yes, here in Poland you're everywhere - Levi's campaign), isn't she jealous?
Hahahaha! No she is not Jelous she loves it. And yes I do have a girlfriend she is really cool!

Photos taken from: http://thejoshbeechdose.tumblr.com

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