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FRESH FACE: "I have to tell myself to shut up sometimes or maybe I should have a TV program" - Gui Carotti.

He's addicted to words "haha" and "LOL". Well, LiLo uses the drugs and goes to the prison, Guy laughs and laughs and laughs. Found his pictures more than a year ago (that's when the interview was taken and published - told you there will be also my old writing stuff I find interesting) somewhere in web and felt in love with his face to die for. If he would be wearing a cap made from cherries people would think he's a walking dessert.

Boy oh boy, heard you're gonna be a star soon and sign with Empire Models, is it true?
Gui Carotti: Well I do not know what the future has for me but I have been talking to Empire Models in New York so probably, I will be going there to work as one of their models.

So how did your adventure with modelling started?

I always wanted to model since I was in High School as I had a friend who was a model in my class but I never had any support from my parents to start it. And when I went to London I got scouted on the tube so from then I decided that would be a good idea to start.

As far as I am informed u were a model while living in London. What were you doin there?
Firstly I went to London to study English and only stay for a year but since I got scouted I decided to work as model and stay longer.

Why did u get back to Brazil? Didn't u have more opportunities in England?

Well I believe a good model has oportunities everywhere but I came to Brazil mostly because I needed to see my family and spend some time with them also work here where my home is.

Let's talk bout the fashion. U were having some catwalk shows, what's the feeling then when all eyez are on you?

I absolutely love catwalk shows, they are so exciting and having all eyes on you is kinda scary but a really good feeling after all is done.

Do you have any favourite brands or designers?

I love Chanel not just because of the brand itself but because of the amazing history behind it, I also admire amazing designer friends such as F.A.J. , Ziad Ghanem, Emma Bell and Unconditional.

U are very skinny. But I heard u are attending to gym more often. Why? U wanna have more muscles? If we look at the editorials or fashion shows muscle men are not fashionable anymore.
Well I am going to the gym mostly to get more healthy as it is amazing feeling after you've exercised, also to get a bit more tonned everyone likes to have a little bit of muslces not a lot tho (laughs).

What do you think about men's fashion nowadays?

Fashion in general is always changing but I am a fan of black, skinny clothes and weird textures, I have seen it in a lot of designers these seasons so I guess I am liking it lot.

Comparing Brazil to England - who has better sense of fashion?
It is really hard to Compare Brazil's and England's sense of fashion mostly because of the different wheather but I do love England's sense of fashion best, because I feel the clothes are more exotic in your texture and colour.

What are the things u can't live without?

Hmm, things I can't live without would be love, people around me, family, friends and last but not less important is modelling. I adore what I do and expect to do it for as long as I can.

Is it hard to get into the fashion bussiness nowadays? I was very suprised when u told me u're not signed to any agency! How could this be possible?

Well I do not know how to answer that. While I was living in London I've worked for a lot of designers, got photographed for various magazines, walked on Fashion Weeks and appered in TV commercials. But I never had an agency so everything that I got was through friends or simply through myself. It is really hard but I never gave up, sometimes it gets horribly hard and you don't know what to do but I really want it and I believe with hard work and showing your best you get anywhere you want. So hopefully soon I will be represented all over the world by someone.

Did modelling change you?

Yes, it did change me but not in a bad way. It helped me to increase my self-confidence, I grew up a lot mentally so now I take care of everything that I do and I always try my best. I don't feel like a kid anymore that is lost in the world without knowing what to do with his life, I have plans and I have dreams to yet be done.

The most hard in being a model is...

The hardest thing in being a model is the fact that most of the world treat you like a piece of meat, not only you have to always look good and stay in a good shape but sometimes people do not care much about your personality or who you are. I do not know if it is hard for other models or is it just me but i LOVE to talk and chat with everyone. I guess I have to tell myself to shut up sometimes or maybe I should have a tv program (laughs).

Are you in a relationship? Isn't it hard to be with someone when u're still travelling?
No, I am not in a relationship at the moment. Travelling a lot kinda helps on that because I can't go out with someone in every country I go (laughs). But who knows maybe I'll find someone special out there somewhere.

Photo by: Dillemas Magazine (2009) Photo by: Cereinyn Ord/Gui's archives
The whole interview was published last year in Dillemas Magazine.

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