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"I love cars and women. Yes, in that order" - the interview with Dior's face - Bastiaan Ninaber.

In my last post you could have read my interview with Josh Beech from polish edition of "Glamour". In the same article two more boys were included. One of them was Bastiaan Ninaber. I've mixed all interviews and made a text from them so whole conversations weren't published anywhere. They are kinda unique. That's why, even if the questions are similar/the same I decided to share it with you. Last year Bastiaan was at the very beginning of his career. Now he's on top and you could see him at almost every runaway show for the up coming season. Never thought I will see my two boys together in mutual campaign. How suprised I was when I woke up this morning and saw fresh posters of H&M Divided campaign!

He should act like a fucking celebrity, but he's nothing like that at all. Meet charming Bastiaan, the face of Dior Homme.

Fetish: How do you feel being a new wave model? It looks like muscular, male models are passe. Now it's time for boyish figures.
Bastiaan Ninaber: I don't really have feelings about this. I guess it's a good thing though since I'm not a really muscular guy.

How did your adventure with modelling started?
Well thats a long story. A few years ago my father bought a clothing shop (which he sold again quite recently). At one point we decided to do a show for our best customers. We needed some models, so my dad asked me if I wanted to do it as well. We had a professional photagrapher at the show and she asked me if I wanted to take some picture's with her. So a couple of weeks later I went to her appartement and we did a little test shoot. She sent them to Tony Jones and he invited me over a couple of days later. After which he signed me to his agency.

For who are you working right now?
At this moment I'm in New York for the Fashion Week so there is a lot of brands where I'm working for right now.

Do u remember your first campaign/editorial? Weren't u scared?
Of course I do! My first campaign was for Dior Homme. Yes, I was pretty scared. I just started modelling and I was 17. I didn't know much/anything about the bussiness and I didn't really know any other models as well. So it was all a bit scary.

U become top model in a very short time. Do u know that you may be an inspiration for many young people?
I don't want to say I'm a top model already. I've been doing well for the last show seasons and have shot some really good editorials but I think a top model is still to much credit. Maybe talk to me in a few years time.

(I should probably talk to him now, cuz he's everywhere - see? I got "the eye"!)

What are the most fantastic memories from your work?
Hmm, where to begin.. I had some really great times doing this job. I still think the Hugo Boss party in Berlin was the greatest though. Ater the show they threw a party in the Russian ambassy which was just incredible. That and the fact that we had a really cool group of models made it one of the nights I'll never forget.

The worst collaboration? U don't have to give me the name of those bastards. Are there any bad experiences in your work, too?
There's only one time it didn't go as smoothly as I wanted. I was really jet-lagged and tired and it just didn't really work with the photagrapher. The picture's turned out to be really nice though so in the end it was all good.

As I said, you're fresh face. Do u wanna be a model for a long time or is it just a part-time job?
For now I'm modelling full-time. But I'm only doing this as long as it makes sence. By that I mean that it needs to keep me busy. I hate to sit around and do nothing.

Tell me sth bout yourself that people might not know...
I'm a huge petrolhead. I just love cars. When I have some time off I always try to go to the nurburgring (a famous circuit in Germany) to race cars with my friends.

How does your day look like?
Working: wake up - shower - breakfast - e-mail - go to work (castings/fittings/jobs) - come home - have dinner - call up my friends. Not working: wake up at some point - shower probably - go (swimming/racing/to the gym/watch movies/play football) - have dinner with my family - go to a club/bar. I guess that's about it (laughs)

We all know that drugs are a problem in models's industry. What's your opinion bout it?
I think it's a bit overated. It's just an image people have of this industry.

Do you have any bad habits?
Yes (laughs).

It is said that models can take for free clothes they're wearing on the catwalk. What are your best outfits in your closet?
Well that's not really true. Nine out of ten you're not allowed to take anything with you. Maybe it's different for the girls but for us boys it's like that. So my best outfits I probably bought myself.

What are your interest besides fashion?
Cars, women. Yes, in that order.

Who would you be if no one would discover you and asks you to be a model?
Do you mean where would I be? Because I didn't change because of modelling. I just see it as any other job. If you mean where, I would probably be in my 3rd year of university and having a proper job on the side (laughs).

The last question, for all female readers that are so into you. Do you have a girlfriend?
I don't have a girlfriend at the moment so hit me up (laughs).

Photos: Bastiaan's archives (Thank you) & H&M (www.hm.com)

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"Hugs not Drugs" - the interview with super-cool Josh Beech.

He made me wanted Levi's jeans again. The interview was a part of the whole article about Male Models published in November 2009 in polish "Glamour" magazine.

How do you feel being a new wave model with all those tatoos all over your body, not so classic face and skinny figure?
Josh Beech: It's pretty cool. I don't really think of myself as a model. I have always loved tats that's why I have them.

How did your adventure with modelling started?
It's started in East London when the booker Sherrill approached me and asked if I wanted to be a model. I was like "No, thanks luv!" and then she twisted my arm to come into the Models 1 office. And the rest is history.

Not so many people know that you're a leader of a band Snish. How long are you playing music? Heard some tracks, they rock. It this the kind of music you like the most?
Actually I am not the lead singer of a band called Snish anymore.I am the lead singer of a band called Hildamay. Snish went our seperate ways this summer and now I am having an awesome time making melodic punk with my buddies in Hildamay. Check us out
www.myspace.com/hildamay. Our single is out world wide in November.

Do u remember your first campaign/editorial? Weren't u scared?
To be honest, yeah, I was shitting myself. Modeling was something I had never done before so it was really strange. My first campaign was Burberry and my first editorial was Dazed and Confused.

U become top model in a very short time. Do u know that you're an inspiration for many young people? Like a role model? Do u feel any pressure because of that - u're like a male version of Kate Moss - smoking, listening to rock, wearing all those skinny jeans etc. U're an icon.
I don't feel any pressure. I am going to be myself and I always have been. I am honored to be considered some people's role model that's awesome. I don't know if I am an icon but thanks for the compliment. I enjoy meeting fans so if any of you are reading this and you see me out don't be scared to come say hi! I might even buy you a beer (laugh).

What are the most fantastic memories from your work?
I have so many. It is all kind of blurred into one big fantastic memory. The best part for me has been traveling and meeting so many amazing people.

Are there any bad experiences in your work, too?
Nope, all good experiences.

As I said before, you're the fresh face. Do u wanna be a model for a long time or is it just a part-time job?
I don't know really. I will do it as long as people still want me to wear there clothes (laughs). Music is my passion so modelling will eventually take a back seat for a while but who knows??!

Tell me some thing bout yourself that people might not know...
Errr, I love Paul Simons album "Graceland". Infact it's probably my favorite album.

How does your day look like?

We all know that drugs are a problem in models's industry. What's your opinion bout it?
Each to there own. I don't do drugs, but it doesn't bother me that other people do. I am not really the sort of person who needs them I am happy with a couple of beers and some good music. HUGS NOT DRUGS!

Do you have any bad habits?
What's considered a bad habit? I don't sleep enough (laughs).

What are your interest besides fashion?
Music, extreme sports, World war 2! Watching new bands.

Who would you be if no one would discover you and asks you to be a model?
I would still be Josh Beech. Although maybe i would be Batman. That would be awesome.

The last question, for all female readers that are so into you. Do you have a girlfriend and how does she feel bout seeing her boyfriend half naked on the bus stops, trams (yes, here in Poland you're everywhere - Levi's campaign), isn't she jealous?
Hahahaha! No she is not Jelous she loves it. And yes I do have a girlfriend she is really cool!

Photos taken from: http://thejoshbeechdose.tumblr.com

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FRESH FACE: "I have to tell myself to shut up sometimes or maybe I should have a TV program" - Gui Carotti.

He's addicted to words "haha" and "LOL". Well, LiLo uses the drugs and goes to the prison, Guy laughs and laughs and laughs. Found his pictures more than a year ago (that's when the interview was taken and published - told you there will be also my old writing stuff I find interesting) somewhere in web and felt in love with his face to die for. If he would be wearing a cap made from cherries people would think he's a walking dessert.

Boy oh boy, heard you're gonna be a star soon and sign with Empire Models, is it true?
Gui Carotti: Well I do not know what the future has for me but I have been talking to Empire Models in New York so probably, I will be going there to work as one of their models.

So how did your adventure with modelling started?

I always wanted to model since I was in High School as I had a friend who was a model in my class but I never had any support from my parents to start it. And when I went to London I got scouted on the tube so from then I decided that would be a good idea to start.

As far as I am informed u were a model while living in London. What were you doin there?
Firstly I went to London to study English and only stay for a year but since I got scouted I decided to work as model and stay longer.

Why did u get back to Brazil? Didn't u have more opportunities in England?

Well I believe a good model has oportunities everywhere but I came to Brazil mostly because I needed to see my family and spend some time with them also work here where my home is.

Let's talk bout the fashion. U were having some catwalk shows, what's the feeling then when all eyez are on you?

I absolutely love catwalk shows, they are so exciting and having all eyes on you is kinda scary but a really good feeling after all is done.

Do you have any favourite brands or designers?

I love Chanel not just because of the brand itself but because of the amazing history behind it, I also admire amazing designer friends such as F.A.J. , Ziad Ghanem, Emma Bell and Unconditional.

U are very skinny. But I heard u are attending to gym more often. Why? U wanna have more muscles? If we look at the editorials or fashion shows muscle men are not fashionable anymore.
Well I am going to the gym mostly to get more healthy as it is amazing feeling after you've exercised, also to get a bit more tonned everyone likes to have a little bit of muslces not a lot tho (laughs).

What do you think about men's fashion nowadays?

Fashion in general is always changing but I am a fan of black, skinny clothes and weird textures, I have seen it in a lot of designers these seasons so I guess I am liking it lot.

Comparing Brazil to England - who has better sense of fashion?
It is really hard to Compare Brazil's and England's sense of fashion mostly because of the different wheather but I do love England's sense of fashion best, because I feel the clothes are more exotic in your texture and colour.

What are the things u can't live without?

Hmm, things I can't live without would be love, people around me, family, friends and last but not less important is modelling. I adore what I do and expect to do it for as long as I can.

Is it hard to get into the fashion bussiness nowadays? I was very suprised when u told me u're not signed to any agency! How could this be possible?

Well I do not know how to answer that. While I was living in London I've worked for a lot of designers, got photographed for various magazines, walked on Fashion Weeks and appered in TV commercials. But I never had an agency so everything that I got was through friends or simply through myself. It is really hard but I never gave up, sometimes it gets horribly hard and you don't know what to do but I really want it and I believe with hard work and showing your best you get anywhere you want. So hopefully soon I will be represented all over the world by someone.

Did modelling change you?

Yes, it did change me but not in a bad way. It helped me to increase my self-confidence, I grew up a lot mentally so now I take care of everything that I do and I always try my best. I don't feel like a kid anymore that is lost in the world without knowing what to do with his life, I have plans and I have dreams to yet be done.

The most hard in being a model is...

The hardest thing in being a model is the fact that most of the world treat you like a piece of meat, not only you have to always look good and stay in a good shape but sometimes people do not care much about your personality or who you are. I do not know if it is hard for other models or is it just me but i LOVE to talk and chat with everyone. I guess I have to tell myself to shut up sometimes or maybe I should have a tv program (laughs).

Are you in a relationship? Isn't it hard to be with someone when u're still travelling?
No, I am not in a relationship at the moment. Travelling a lot kinda helps on that because I can't go out with someone in every country I go (laughs). But who knows maybe I'll find someone special out there somewhere.

Photo by: Dillemas Magazine (2009) Photo by: Cereinyn Ord/Gui's archives
The whole interview was published last year in Dillemas Magazine.

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I'm gonna be a supermodel.

The difference between British/American/Brazilian and Polish models is that the ones from UK, US and Brazil look like gays but are straight and the ones from Poland look like fags and are fags. The difference between world's fashion photographers and the Polish fashion photographers is that the world's ones have a strong portfolio and they are collaborating with magazines, models agencies etc. and the ones from Poland are promissing impossible careers and amazing photographs to young gay boys for blowing their horney cameras in their pants. The difference between fashion industry somewhere and the fashion industry in Poland is that the first one exist and the second one exist only in some dreamers's heads. There are some good Polish male models - Tomek Pastyrczak, Adrian Włodarski, Paweł Bednarek, Jarek Pietka or Tomek Szmulewicz are some good examples, that male models from my country can hit the road and rule the world. The other names I won't write here are "models" who would like to conquer the catwalks and billboards but it's impossible to make a career basing on a one face expression. We all know that big lips are sexy but pouting lips like a German porn star in early 90's is not hot anymore and looks cheap and trashy. No one wants to work with a boy who looks like a porn whore and would be a perfect face to take a gypsum cast for making a rubber doll to fill it up with cum and pee in each sweet-looking hole. Sometimes it's all bout the hair. Shave it and under a beautiful Pattinson-like hairstyle you will see a boring face and funky eyes. Sometimes it's all about the height. I am sorry boys, but only Bridget The Midget is allowed to be famous and small.

Philosophy: Being skinny and mean (oh yes, all "models" are very bitchy and self-confident) doesn't make them better but in their empty, hungry minds they can see each other as a very strong competition for the successful ones like Jon Kortajarena (once I've heard "He's not so amazing"). Watch the steps Baby. Instead of copying Ash, Josh or Cole they should find their own good sides and style, but no, that's too difficult to make.

-Hello, I am from "Neverland" and I am a model. I love your fashion pictures @ facebook, maybe we could be friends?
-You're a model? Great! I've been scouting for my friend's agency in NY, can I see your shots somewhere?
-Ummm, not exactly, my Mum took some polaroids of me but I don't like them.

-So you're a model?
-What agency represent you?
-Ummm, I don't have an agency yet.
-Why so?
-Was to busy to find one.

-I am a model from 3 years now I think. I love posing.
-So you must have an impression book.
-Yeah, check xyz at maxmodels.pl

Yeah, you know people? The thing is, we are all models. I think that's fair enough.

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"I thought his hands were beautiful". The new face of sensuality - Marc Gulden.

Talented. That's the first word on my mind when I am thinking about Marc Gulden. Open-minded, sensual, sensitive. He's like his designs. A little bit shy, artistic. His hands should be worth milion dollars or even more cause as far as I am concerned Mariah Horse Face Carey's legs are worth one milion dollars. Yeah, absolutely more. Welcome to his fairytale.

Fetish: I have to admit I was very surprised when I've found out you're a designer. I really do not remember who invited who to be friends on facebook but then a thought came: What a nice boy, oh, what a nice collection! So tell me how did it all start?
Marc Gulden: Huum.. If you refer to who clicked who, well I don't really remember. I guess you asked me for friend on facebook and then I sent you the link of my fan page, something like that!

Have you been to any fashion university, did the course or something?
I started fashion in Esmod Paris where I learnt mostly pattern making. I only stayed one year there. It was really expensive and unlike technical courses, creative ones were pretty dull. I then decided to join ESAA Duperré, a fashion public school in Paris where I studied for 3 years and eventually graduated.

I asked that question cause now everyone wants to be a designer and what's the worse - everyone can. They are buying cheap basic t-shirts at H&M, making a print or sewing them together with holes in and call it fashion. What's your opinion about it?
You know fashion business is not so different from other activities: you get obvious disasters as well as hidden gems... Now about creation process I kinda have a very open view as long as I like the collection at the end... Sometimes an unknown designer creating from his room makes a much more interesting work that an highly-educated one working for a big name...

Let's be brutally honest - I would never hear about you now but for facebook probably. Would you like to stay, let's call it, underground, less commercial, or you would like to rule the world?
Rule the world for sure...just kidding...Well I'm kinda down to earth so let's see where the next step takes me but I wouldn't mind growing a little bit.

Back to your collection - is it the first one?
Yep, first collection on the market. I sold some items before but I didn't invest as much as in this one.

Why the t-shirts?

The tee shirt is a special items to me. It is an incredible screen for image, and in my case, for illustration. It is sexy & affordable as well.

You know, there are millions, billions of different t-shirts - what is so special about the ones with your name on?

I bring a high level of quality, fabric is super combed, very comfortable, the cotton is very light. I used inkjet printing to reveal a nice range of details on illustrations. The piece is like a second skin, and once they touched it, most people want to have it!

I totally love the one with hands on the crotch. The graphic is very sexual and very sophisticated. It doesn't annoy with the whole sexual or vulgar side of it. Are you making those graphics by yourself?
Yes, I drew all the graphic designs. I used some paper & colored pencil and then reworked it on a computer. I love to make illustrations, it can be so expressive. It's funny because it is not the first time people tell me something sexual about the-hands-on-the-crotch tee. Actually it was a guy sitting, with holding hands. I thought his hands were beautiful, I took a picture and drew it later. I guess it was my unconscious driving me at that time ,)

What are your inspirations for the graphics?
I was on vacation in Italy's southern islands last year and I loved the place: the mineral color range of the islands, their barocco over-decorated churches, and their glamorous beach sceneries were an irresistible inspiration. I took hundreds of pictures that I started to draw once back in Paris. I had the project of launching a tee-shirt line for a long time, but the idea of creating a link between several illustrated pieces, like sketches on a travel notebook, was strong enough to help me make my decision.

The whole collection is very simple, I would even say basic. The draws are very precise. I would say that this is the collection for everyone because of it's versatility, but also because of it not everyone will wear it cause for me they are made for very sensitive people. Who's the main target of your designs?
I didn't target anyone in particular. I just designed what I wanted to. Still, you're right, most people with an artistic/fashion sensitivity like the collection, they think that the pieces and prints are refined and modern.

Are there any stories behind the graphics?
As I said before, there is a photo behind every graphic. I like the fact to stop the time and catch a moment, and then try to make something out of it, with several hours and a pencil.

The price is pretty high. I know that the clothes from designers are more expensive but you don't have a famous name yet...
Honestly I don't think that 50 euros is so high. If you pay 15 euros for a tee shirt it means that it's been produced in Bangladesh in 10.000 copies, with the lowest jersey quality of the market. People who like young designers are not obsessed with the name on the label, mostly they are willing for exclusivity and/or quality.

Any plans for a new collection? What will be in it?
I will keep the illustrated tee-shirt part, but I also want to bring new plain jersey tee shirts with more work on the shape. I also plan to bring shirts in the collection as well.. It will depend on how's current business going.

Hope all your dreams will come true. So good luck!
Thank you! Hope to talk to you for next season :>

For all information/shop please contact:

77, rue Lamarck / 75018 Paris
T: +33(0)

Photos: Marc's official site + archives

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"Tasty"? That was the name of Kelis's boring album not the name of this blog.

A funny thing happened today. I left a comment (honestly it was the whole note from my blog) under the interview with my fav Yoda-Girl on DazedDigital and I caught and eye of a very polite British twenty-year-old teenager (or it will sound better as I will call him "blogger"). He asked me a few questions and later he wrote a note which u may read at his blog. Here's the juicy part that, God believe me I have no idea why, made my day.

"Fashion journalist Bartek Fetysz, first caught my eye through his comments in response to the article by Dazed. His foul language and crude attitude voiced through his writing made it somewhat obvious that this male had no problem in voicing a loud, debate-ably brash opinion. A little more digging and a little more foul language later I stumbled across his blog “I am not another fashion fetishist”. Littered with simple spelling mistakes, however an interview with my favourite model Cole Mohr, the entire blog was vulgar in its use of language. But what’s new about that anymore? We’ve seen it timeless amounts of times with Vice magazine and that has forever been filtering into the depths of online bloggers. It is not new, it is not a respectable way of voicing an opinion. I was always taught that if you are to include profanities in your writing make them tasteful. Perhaps Bartek Fetysz would excel from this advice.

The post entitled Tavi G – The Yoda of Fashion describes the 14-year-old girl as a” Stylistic Obama mixed with the imagination of Hitler” and progressing to ask the question “do you know sexy or at least beautiful female fashion editor? I don’t. And it’s kinda ridiculous that ugly people rule the world of fashion where beauty is on the top.”

Bartek told Capulet’s Couture today: “That’s my point of view. And I am always saying what I feel. No lies. Raw, simple, vulgar language. That’s me and that’s what my blog’s about.” Bartek finished with saying that “a good journalist never cares”. We beg to differ."

You may read the whole note here.

I said "a good journalist never cares" and I truly believe that. Why Perez Hilton won't be a good blogger anymore? Cause he sold his soul to celebrities. He sticks with all those cheap actresses known only in US, pop stars that are now blind etc. so how can he be objective? His idea of being cool has exhausted. I don't want to be "friends" with anyone. I want to realize my hobby, write and interview whomever I want and the way I like. And I don't care much about what will people say. As Samantha from "SATC" said: I will wear whatever and blow whomever as long as I can breathe and kneel". So will I.

Ps.He tweets: "Today I am angry. At a certain journalist. We're team Tavi". Should I bring some lightsabers?"

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Suck my Billy's, Cunt!

I've met Jeremy at Lookbook, the most shitty site ever. You want some empty talk with a hipster? Go there, cause despide of the looks it's also a collection of brainless pokemons who are thinking all day long how to get more hypes. And in this crowd of fashion sluts I've found a handsome, Australian boy who always had the jeans to die for on. And well, we became friends and that's how I found the best denim brand ever - The Billycock. I also got a pair. But... to small. By a mistake I got a pair two sized smaller. So I had to choose - do I really love jeans or do I love my fat ass more? We all know that love hurts. I had to reduced my lovely ass. And I did. For two weeks I've been fighting with myself, but when I got into the jeans I almost cum. But let's not talk about me - here's the kinky interview with one of the talented boys - Jeremy.

(My Billycock's)

Who's Billy? And how's his cock?
Jeremy: Billycock is made up of Jem + Goldy. We grew up together, now we are going to take over the world together. Our penises are exactly the same. If your next question is how do we know that then you can go fuck yourself.

Self fuck is not interesting for me. Masturbation is boring, and sex sells so maybe you should answer the question you asked yourself (laugh).

I would but then I wouldn't have anything left to talk dirty with you about for our next interview.

Yeah, that's how the story begins... (pic above: Goldy)

I am wondering, how did you get the name for your label? Cuz it sounds sexual and dirty. I am gonna bet u were having sex or smoking a pot in a moment the idea of the name came...

Close enough B, we were smoking a splidge (a joint) when Goldy came up with the idea to start a denim label. I thought he was nuts but he was right from the start. The name Billycock comes from these whacked out gangsters who emerged out of Manchester around 1870. They were called "The Scuttlers" and these hoodlums were Britain's first youth cult. They would dress alike in brass-toed clogs, wore neckerchiefs which had patterns to denote gang membership and had hair cropped very closely at the back and sides but with long fringes at the front that were longer on the left hand side than the right. Most importantly they wore Billycock hats. The Scuttlers would basically dress up as sartorial warriors and kick the shit out of other gangs. We draw inspiration from their attitudes and ideas of brotherhood.

How long do you work as a team?
You're gonna make me go all sentimental here. Look as I said before Goldy and I go way back. We went to a Jewish religious day school in Sydney together for 10 years until I started moving away from religion when I was about 12 years old. Goldy and I were good friends but then he turned his back on me and started making fun of me for heading in a different direction. So I told him to piss off and then a couple of years later we reunited and became friends again. Mad tangent... Anyway business-wise we've been working on this project for about 3 years now, getting the framework and connections in place.

Partners in crime. What do you love about each others?
The fact that we don't get sick of each other. I mean we can have some crazy fights when we don't agree on something but I usually come begging quietly for forgiveness or vice-versa a day later and then we are all good again. Seriously though it does seem sometimes as if we are brothers separated at birth. We just both don't give a fuck and it sometimes gets us in trouble. I also secretly love that Goldy exclusively calls me "Shloimi" which is my Hebrew name. We bounce off each other's energy and we are constantly running around, high on life just looking for the best way to have a sick time. Look the guy is a legend. We are pretty much in love with each other so stay away from my man, yeah?

Let's come back to the beginnings. Alright - you had the idea, you had no experience. How did it happen you sort everything out?
Our first 3 years were all about developing the framework needed to get our label off the ground. This meant finding a pattern maker, sample maker, web designer, factory to produce the jeans etc. It all flowed from our first meeting with the pattern maker - he told us to come back with drawings and measurements which we did and he created our patterns while we vacuumed his studio. He then introduced us to our sample maker who made our first samples. After that I flew around the world checking out factories in Mexico, South Africa and America to find out where we would produce our jeans. In the end we found a humble factory in Australia who has been and will be making the jeans for us in the future. This way we can keep an eye on production and also the quality of jeans production that comes out of Australia is some of the best in the world.Also the internet has redefined the world we live in. All the information we needed was out there already and anything we didn't know we could ask on forums and blogs to find out the answers to. Now that we have our framework in place we've gotten to the stage where we can get whatever we need done and we are good to launch our company. This also means that we have the ability to create whatever style we want within 2 weeks.

How would you describe your jeans?
Our main focus with the aesthetic direction is to keep the jeans as limited-edition as possible and to create fresh and dope batches. Our business model revolves around innovation as each batch of jeans that we make is completely unique and different from the previous batch. When we launch we will be creating new batches every fortnight which will push us to be innovative in our washes and production techniques. This means using all different types of Japanese denims and creating new and unique ways of washing, distressing and altering the jeans to create the one-off batches. These batches will be sold online through our website, which is going to be very community driven and will make you shpruchen in de hoisen (jizz in your pants, it's Yiddish, what?). We'll also be selling in pop-up-shops and collaborating with other brands to help them bring out some cool jeans for their brands that will be branded as a collaboration between them and Billycock. We've experimented with selvedge denim, acid washes, lasering, redying, shredding, bleaching and lot's of other processes. Our range is truly diverse and dynamic. If we get to the point where we start a trend we'll kill the style before it becomes mainstream. We are anti-conformers and we call our army the antiestablishmenterrorists. Anyway point is - fuck mainstream, we want nothing of it.

Who's your target?
To put it simply - anyone that isn't a douchebag. If you are a douchebag we won't sell you our jeans.

What's your definition of douchebag? Cuz there might be a problem with selling your jeans to many people than. World went crazy. There are a lot of pseudo-artists and fashion victims who have nothing to do with the real fashion. They're buying designer's clothes just to show off themselves with some boring LV bag or D&G t-shirt with logo bigger than their ego...
Yeah for sure, this world is full of them. The definition of a douchebag is a person who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached the levels of fucker or motherfucker. It's an egotistical, self-righteous person that thinks they are the shit and let's everyone know the fact but no-one really cares. As you said it's someone with a huge ego that needs to be slapped back to reality. South Africa and America are countries that spring to mind when I think of where these douchebags come from. Anyway we want those types of people who actually know and appreciate street fashion, the types who would rather dress down than dress up. You know those kids you see walking around the streets with long scraggly hair, ripped semi-fitted jeans and a baggy shirt. They look like they don't give a fuck but at the same time they ooze effortless style. None of this collared shirt formal business - just don't try too hard and we'll fill your order. We'd rather keep our label exclusive with a handful of awesome people than go mass market.

What are your inspirations? The denim is raw, lovely washed... damn I think I am getting horny again.
Halsich in de ramin Bartek! Our inspirations come from all walks of life and especially the streets. It isn't restricted to fashion designers and labels at all. I'm a graphic designer and photographer by trade and I love learning new things off other people. For example we did a shoot with Nirrimi and Emily Abay who are wicked photographers based in Melbourne and while they shot for us I watched and learned and I like to think that my photography has improved thanks to being inspired by them. I also love art, especially from the Renaissance period with the highly realistic oil paintings done by Caravaggio etc. In terms of denim inspiration we love the Japanese aesthetic and old-world flavour infused in their denim creations. The Japanese attention to detail is mind-blowing and they create not only wonderful and experimental denim but also amazing jeans which are true vintage replicas unlike the bullshit that comes out of America. On the French side Dior Homme and Hedi Slimane make our balls tingle with delight. If Hedi Slimane ever wore a pair of Billycocks our dreams would be fulfilled as he created one of the best cut of jeans we've seen known as the 19cm MIJ (Made In Japan). As much as we draw inspiraton from the outside we also draw inspiration from ourselves and each other.

Don't you think that fashion is all about coming back to the roots? I was wearing Mickey Mouse shirts and washed jeans when I was a kid and it was a kitch then. Now it's back in the game. What's more! Washed denim and matching jacket begin being high-fashion now when since I do remember it was number 1 in rules what not to wear!
Absolutely. Kitschy trends and double denim outfits are very in vogue right now. I'm starting to feel that 90s fashion is feeling right even though I was laughing at it a couple of years ago. Fashion is a viscious cycle which is one of the reasons we chose the infinity symbol as our emblem. It's an organic loop that is very much alive and driven by trends and social happenings around the world. Fashion is very diverse on many different levels and ideas and styles trickle down through various channels until they arrive at the end consumer. The truth is though as much as everyone likes feeling that they are "on-trend" I think it's best to define your own style and mix-and-match until you have your own distinct visual style that is different to what other people are doing. If you can be revolutionary rather than reactionary you will shine as something strange and different.

What's your fetish?
Licking eyeballs. The texture of an eyeball on the tongue is like licking a film photograph. It's quite erotic without being too hectic. I know Goldy likes little boys in leather and ladies feet - preferably at the same time. What's your fetish?

Jeans of course. Do you think we would become such a good friends if u would be designing Crocks?
Mate, I think we'd be better friends if I was designing cocks! Oh you said Crocs - those are an abomination.

Everyone have some dreams - what are yours?
Materialistically I'd like to design my own home one day which will be 2 floors and open plan. Top floor will be my home and the bottom floor will consist of a large garage full of vintage motorbikes and race bikes which I will take to the racetrack as a hobby. Then I'll just keep adding floors above where my friends can come and live in. I would love to find a beautiful wife inside and out and get married and make lots of babies - not having much luck there hah, maybe I need to become famous or something. Business wise we'd love to develop a Billycock clubhouse where we can have a place for our supporters to come to party, get loose, chill and feel at home. We would love to be pushing experimental Milan runway shows one days with couture dresses and out-there shoes. We have huge aspirations with our label where we will be giving back to the community on par with however much we are given. Its all about creating a community and an army with who we can take over the world with. Can you hear the "Pinky & The Brain" theme song?

Yep. You're available in Australia right now, I am also the one who has his own Billy's. How can people contact you? And what do they need to do to get their own Billy's?
We are currently working on our website and launch. In the meantime we are offering sample batches to close fans of our page. Our customers find our contact details there and start an email process where we work out exactly what they are looking for and what we have available for them. It's all very personal and intimate. In the future we will be looking at doing collaborations with select stores where the store will create a pair of jeans alongside us specifically for their target market and sold exclusively through their stores. So perhaps soon you will see us in Poland!

For the end - what's the one word that describe Billycock's the best?

For now the Billycock's site is located at http://www.billycock.com.au
Or you can e-mail the Boyz directly at info@billycock.com.au

Photos: Billycock archives and I shot my fat ass by myself.