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"People in fashion hate new faces" - the interview with Victor Blanco.

Everyone knows I hate drag queens. Nothing scarier than a drag queen even if it's the highest level of art. I don't believe in such an art. In this case I am totally mental and nothing's gonna change my way of thinking. And I was sure about it till March when I met him. He stole my heart with his passion to fashion (sounded like we were in FTV - "I love Fashion TV" LOL), his great style and charming personality. He's outstripped, handsome and he wears stiletto heels better than many women. I had the chance to interview the one of the most promissing stylists, in love with the girls of "Sex and The City" - the IT boy - Victor Blanco.

Fetish: Are you gay?
Victor Blanco: Yep.

I am just asking because only a gay men could wear heels and not kill himself.
For sure!

Why heels?
Cuz it's the number 1 for all the fetish people... Heels drive people crazy, men and women!

How many pairs do you have?

Each month grows... Lots of designers send me pairs to my office to wear them to shows or events, so it's monthly growing... Now i have about 30 pairs... In october I had just 12.

You have shoes from the best designers, where from do you have the money for them? They're fucking expencive!
Some are gifts from the designers or stores... I made some TV shows, or lots of events so I get photographed or filmed with them, otherwise, I work so hard to buy them if anytime I want a specific pair!

Favourite pair?
I'm dying to have a Brian Atwood's pair, they are so chic and glamourous... I'm talking to him (smiles), maybe I'll wear a pair of BA's for my next uncoming book cover (smiles again).

The most expencive pair?
All are about the same price 500 euros... Some more some less, but aproximately.

What's your job?
Stylist and a personal shopper.

How did your adventure with the fashion started?
When I was 18 I started to work on luxury brand till now. I've worked as a sales guy, as a visual merchandiser manager for Europe and as a VIP stylist, so now I'm on my own.

I am wondering - you're walking dress like that normally on the street? Here in Poland people would kill you probably...
I only use heels to go to the parties, events, or shows. Never to go on the street. If they would try to kill me they should know, if I wear my Pigalle Louboutin's, they are 13cm high, with a very extreme heel, so be carefuul (laughs). Who would kill whom?

What would be your advice for people who wanna get into fashion?
If it's their passion, fight for it, it's not easy... People in fashion hate new faces... They think everybody comes to stole their jobs positions so fight for your dreams.

Saw your pics with many stars. U're friends?
Well I have contact with a lot of VIP people, it's my work, so I have to be in contact with them, meet them and it's nice to know how they are in person, Brian Atwood... oh, when I met him... He's so gorgeous! And Manolo Blahnik, he's adorable!

How did you met them? Come on, tell me some secrets!
I met them in NYFNO in September. I used to work at BALLY so I know the PR and Brian, I talked to him several times via Twitter, and Manolo? I met him at his store, as we both are Spanish he was so nice to me and I have some words from him on my book (smiles).

You're a passionate blogger. What is so different about your blog? Everyone can be bloggin now, even a Yoda-Girl Tavi I mentioned about a post or two ago. By the way, do you like her?
I like that everybody are able to talk or to write. Everybody needs an opportunity, but I think we need a little background to share opinions. I'm in fashion since I was 18. Now I'm 26 (in two days Victor is having a b'day - editor's note) so I worked very hard to be able to give an opinion. She's losing her childhood with those expensive clothes, travels and parties but I think I would do the same as her.

What are your plans for the future?
Keep growing and start to form my own Victor Blanco team and be the next Rachel Zoe. Now i'm finished my first book so that's a huge step on my career, and then... who knows.... also I'm the Fashion Advisor for the Valencia Fashion Week in Spain, I'm bringing lot of international VIP press to my country.... I'm styling actresses and much more coming up, also in few days I'm lauching my brand new website victorblanco.es

Your book? Everyone's writing now! What is it all about?
My book is the first one in spanish about luxury, fashion and style from a stylist's point of view. A lot of VIP people will be on it, and it would be a great book. I can't tell you more things, but soon when my publisher let me I will give you more details! But you will adore it (smiles).

The book will be out this fall! Excited?
I'm so excited. Can't wait to see it! I just can tell you this - YOU WILL LOVE IT ;)

Part of this interview was published in Polish online fashion magazine Dilemmas Magazine.

photographs - Victor's archives

Also, check Victor's blogs: the old one, and the brand new.

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  1. It's true, he looks gorgeous in this heels!

    Another note that I read a few times for better view . And another note that make me think about fashion more and more... but where the hell i should start? I just want to know the basic... - fashion magazine... i think it's that what I need :> could you recommend sth?

    Yesterday I wrote about filmschool exams... today i didn't pass them. I did all my best... and I know I was good... They don't want me... and I will never discover what's wrong with me - the same rule you quoted yesterday.

    ... i should write this in some... gold thought: "Heels drive people crazy, men and women!" Maybe i should get one for exams next year ;D

  2. V.Blanco is my fashion guru ! ... I just wanna see people like he in my city!!!! V. we love u!